Hi Y4

Hope you are all keeping safe and keeping busy!

This weekend, I have thought a lot about how we should have been at Kingswood on our residential weekend, it really made me sad to think we won’t get to experience all those fantastic activities together. To cheer myself up, I have spent most of my weekend outside, either gardening (I only have a little border – I was dog-proofing it rather than gardening by planting everything in pots, so she stops trampling on them!) or I’ve been out walking Alba in the 2 local parks. Working on my little garden in the sunshine and getting some fresh air has done me good, and I am feeling much better about things. Remember, it is really important to look after yourself during this lockdown, it is so easy to dwell on everything we are not allowed to do and everything we are missing out on, which can leave you feeling really fed up. Instead, try and focus on a project of some kind, something you can get stuck in to, just like I did with my gardening!

Home Learning

Maths: White Rose Maths in partnership with the BBC Bitesize Daily team has developed a learning programme for the summer term. Each week there are 5 lessons added to their website and every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to complete the activity successfully.

I thought we would give it a go this week, hopefully it’ll work well. We are working on the lessons for Week 1 w/c 20th April. So we are working a week behind the website, this gives me chance to look at it and add it to your home learning packs, so please don’t get confused with the date! Refer to your home learning timetable.

Reading: On Friday, your reading task is to visit a reading website I have registered you with. Here are the login details you will need:

Read Theory logins


Home Learning packs

Y4 Home Learning Week 4

Monday Y4 Home Learning

Tuesday Y4 Home Learning

Wednesday Y4 Home Learning

Thursday Y4 Home Learning

Friday Y4 Home Learning


Week 4 Writing PowerPoint

Week 4 French PowerPoint

TT Rockstars 

TT Rockstars Week 4 Sessions 1-4

TT Rockstars Week 4 – answers

Have a good week Year 4, please continue to share your work with me, I love seeing what you have done!

Take care,

Miss Carline