Hi everyone

What a lovely, hot day we have had! We have made the most of it at school and been outdoors, in the shade, as much as we can today.

Here is your home learning for next week. The English involved quite a bit of reading, so your reading tasks are linked to the English work this week.

Timetable: Y4 Home Learning Week 12

Monday Y4 Home Learning

Tuesday Y4 Home Learning    30.6.20 Paris Tour

Wednesday Y4 Home Learning

Thursday Y4 Home Learning

Friday Y4 Home Learning

TT Rockstars  TT Rockstars Week 12 Sessions 1-4            TT Rockstars Week 12 answers

PowerPoint    Week 12 Writing PowerPoint

Answers   Maths answers        English Answers


Have another great week, don’t forget to share your work with me!

Miss Carline x