Hi Year 4!

Attached is your Week 1 suggested timetable and tasks.

Most of the tasks are based around things we have done in class. They will check your retrieval of key knowledge. I’ve tried to keep it straightforward and simple for you, and we will see how we get on.

The timetable is a suggestion which might help you plan your day, including a daily Maths, English, Reading and Wider Curriculum tasks. Completing these tasks will help you to keep busy and in a routine. The timetable tells you which sheet to look at for each task e.g. Monday= Maths sheet 1.

  • Maths this week is based around multiplication and division. There is a different task each day, and there are 3 levels of challenge for each day. The weekly timetable will tell you which sheet to complete on each day.
  • For your English, you will write a film review. Monday’s tasks is to watch a film (popcorn and snack are optional, but highly recommended!). Each day you will need to write a paragraph. Friday is Free Write Friday! Be creative!
  • There is a short reading task each day with questions to answer. It is also important to have some quiet time to enjoy a book of your choice – just like ERIC time at school!
  • As we have started our Chocolate topic, I thought you might enjoy finding out a little more about the Aztecs. I have given you a new task each day, but some might take longer than others.
  • It is really important to look after yourself. Friday’s wider curriculum lesson is about looking after you mind and body. However, it is important to do this throughout the week. Take regular breaks, get outside (where possible) and help at home and in your community. Remember, good friends stick together!

As it says on Mr Paxman’s letter to parents, you may contact me via rcarline@totley.sheffield.sch.uk if you need help, I will do my best to get back to you promptly. It would be lovely to see what you’re up to. If you would like to share a piece of work you are particularly proud of, feel free to take a photo, and I will share a few each week on here!

Finally, the expectations for this work are the same as they would be in class. I know you’ll continue to be hard workers, and will be resilient in these unusual circumstances. I am very proud of your attitude and efforts so far!

Miss Carline and Mrs Rodgers

Weekly timetable 1

Adjectives word mat

Friday timestable grid

Fronted adverbials word mat

Maths sheet 1

Maths sheet 2

Maths sheet 3

Maths sheet 4

Maths sheet 5

Multiplication square

Reading sheet 1,2& 3 answers

Reading sheet 1

Reading sheet 2

Reading sheet 3

Reading sheet 4 answers

Reading sheet 4

Reading sheet 5

Subordinating conjunctions word mat

TT Rockstars Week 1 Sessions 1-4

Wider Curriculum sheet 1

Wider Curriculum sheet 2

Wider Curricum sheet 3

Writing sheet 1 Five finger retell sheet

Writing Sheet 2

Writing sheet 3

Writing sheet 4

Writing sheet 5