Did you know the weight of a pendulum is actually called a bob?


Did you know the longer the rod is, the slower but further the bob will travel? Jay


Did you know the shorter the massless rod, the faster bob will travel, but it won’t go as far? Daniel Webster


Did you know, the shorter the string, the shorter the trajectory? John.


If the bob is bigger, is travels slower. Ruby


The bigger the rod, the trajectory gets longer. Ben P


The smaller the rod, the faster it will travel. But, if it is a longer rod, then it will go slower, but further. Charlie.


The smaller the rod is, there’s more chance of it stopping before a bob with a longer rod. Noah.


If the weights aren’t equal, it wouldn’t be a fair test. The lighter ones would travel faster, but the heavier ones would travel slower. Lukas.


If the string is unequal, it would swing wrong because one part would be longer and the other shorter. That’s why it would swing diagonally. Daniel Wilks.