Year 4 have been sent back in time this term and we are currently living in the Tudor period.

We began by working out whereabouts in History we now were on a timeline and then identified what our King’s (Henry VIII) family tree was. He had so many wives!?!

We’ve built our own style Wattle and Daub walls in order to take shelter and created Tudor outfits, both for the rich and poor in order to blend in with society.

We’ve researched the Battle of Bosworth, so we now know how the Tudors came to reign in England (it was disgusting!) and this week we looked in detail at King Henry  VIII’s wives. There were so many and because we’ve learnt about Point, Evidence, Explanation in English this week, we are going to use our research and debate which wife was the best! We are also very fortunate that King Henry VIII himself, is going to be attending our debate and make a decision on the matter after he has visited us and heard our views!

We’ve also linked our work to the future, by applying it to the longest reigning monarch…Queen Elizabeth II, who ever she maybe, she’s reigned for 63 years and counting! We looked at the reigns of all the monarchs from Henry Tudor (Henry VII) right up until the year 2015! We then put this information into a very LONG table!

Feel free to browse through our trip into the Tudor period below.

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