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Transition Week home learning

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many of you will have received your child’s home learning pack for transition week in the post, and if you haven’t already, I know you’ll be eagerly waiting by the letter box!

If your child attends school in a bubble, they might have brought it home with them already. Also, children who are in school on a Monday or Tuesday will be given their packs in person.

For children who are attending school in the last week of term, there will be lots of time and support to complete the activities here at school. However, we still wanted you to have a copy of the activities so you could share in the experience and talk about it together at home.

We would really encourage you to share your home learning during transition week with your new child’s teacher/s. Some activities can be posted back to school in the envelope provided. Alternatively, sent a picture to them via email (new class teacher emails are included in the packs). Check out your new year group class blog for updates too!

Below are the packs for your information. We have tried (really hard!) to make sure the correct pack was posted to the correct child, but just in case one slipped through the net, here are the resources for you to access.

If you have any questions, or we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

FS2A to Y1M

FS2D to Y1P

Y1M to Y2F

Y1P to Y2B

Y2 to Y3

Y3 to Y4

Y4 to Y5

Y5 to Y6

Y4 Story Time

Hi Year 4,

Welcome to our last story time. It has been so lovely to continue to share stories with you, even though we are not together. I hope you have enjoyed listening to me (and sometimes, Alba). Here are the last 6 chapters of The Chocolate Factory Ghost – enjoy!

Chapter 32

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

If you have enjoyed The Chocolate Factory Ghost, why not try some of the other books in this series? Follow this link:

The Dundoodle Mysteries



Y4 Home Learning Week 13

Hi everyone,

I hope you have had a good week of home learning; it has been lovely to receive examples of your work once again. Week 13 (next week) will be your last week of Y4 home Learning, as the following week you will receive a transition learning pack, with lots of lovely activities from Mr Cooper to complete in your final week of school before the summer break. With this in mind, I just want to take the opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU for all your hard work. You are all amazing, and I cannot wait to see you all again back in school in September.


Home Learning Pack

Timetable: Y4 Home Learning Week 13

Monday Y4 Home Learning

Tuesday Y4 Home Learning    French      French video

Wednesday Y4 Home Learning    Computational thinking mini missions

Thursday Y4 Home Learning

Friday Y4 Home Learning

TT Rockstars: TT Rockstars Week 13 Sessions 1-4    TT Rockstars week 13 answers

Answers: Maths Answers    Reading answers


Miss Carline x




TT Rockstars Update

Hi rockstars!

The next battle (which has now begun) welcomes back Year 4 into this.  Year 4 the first two minutes of the video concentrates on Year 3’s last battle, so if you would like to skip this part, please go to 1:48 in the video.

Well done to everyone who has taken part in the last battle and before that too.  We welcome all new starters to TT Rockstars and people who have had a little sabbatical from their music duties.

Virtual Sports Week – The Results!

Hi everybody,

Mr Flevill here! What an amazing effort from you all to make our ‘Virtual Sports Day’ a complete success. Well done to everybody who took part, every single point you earned made a difference in the final scores and there wasn’t much between the eventual winners and the 3 runner ups!

Thank you so much for all the videos, scorecards and pictures to help show how much fun you had. A big thank you to the teachers for their challenge videos and a huge well done to everybody who managed to beat their scores!


But, we all want to know who won. Watch the link and enjoy the video to find out …


Y4 Story Time

Here are 5 chapters of our story. We are nearly at the end of the book, the final 5 chapters will be published next week! Enjoy!

Chapter 27

Chapter 28

Chapter 29

Chapter 30

Chapter 31

Y4 Home Learning Week 12

Hi everyone

What a lovely, hot day we have had! We have made the most of it at school and been outdoors, in the shade, as much as we can today.

Here is your home learning for next week. The English involved quite a bit of reading, so your reading tasks are linked to the English work this week.

Timetable: Y4 Home Learning Week 12

Monday Y4 Home Learning

Tuesday Y4 Home Learning    30.6.20 Paris Tour

Wednesday Y4 Home Learning

Thursday Y4 Home Learning

Friday Y4 Home Learning

TT Rockstars  TT Rockstars Week 12 Sessions 1-4            TT Rockstars Week 12 answers

PowerPoint    Week 12 Writing PowerPoint

Answers   Maths answers        English Answers


Have another great week, don’t forget to share your work with me!

Miss Carline x

Y4 Story Time

Another installment from Dundoodle…

Chapter 20

Chapter 21

Chapter 22

Chapter 23

Chapter 24

Chapter 25

Chapter 26


Enjoy x

Children’s Instructions Sports Week

Sports Day children’s instructions

Virtual Sports Week

Hi everybody,


The week commencing 22nd June would have been our school sports week. We would have completed many challenges throughout the week, had some extra PE lessons doing some unusual sports and competed for our house teams on sports day. Unfortunately, our plans have had to change, but we can still celebrate a week of sport at home or in our bubbles at school.

Attitudes to Sport

One of the projects you can have a go at, is to think about famous sports people from around the world and how they have demonstrated our attitudes to learning to help them succeed. Have a look at the PowerPoint presentation link below to help you create either a factfile, PowerPoint or a poster about a sports person.

Sports Week 


Virtual Sports Day

On Friday 26th June it would have been our Sports Day at Abbeydale. We have created a ‘Virtual Sports Day’ set of challenges for you all to have a go at to try and win the trophy for your house.

A big thanks to the Mrs Crookes for helping to set this up and to all the teachers who have filmed themselves completing the 7 challenges.

Can you beat the teacher to earn points for your team? 

-You get 5 points for trying each challenge

-You get a further 5 points if you many to beat the teacher’s score

You get 3 attempts at each event, record your best score on the sheet and send it in to your class teacher to forward to Mr Flevill.

Click here to download your Score Card


Challenge 1 – Throw, Catch, Clap

Challenge 2 – Speed Bounces

Challenge 3 – Over and Under

Challenge 4 – Egg & Spoon

Challenge 5 – Keep it Up

Challenge 6 – Move & Collect

Challenge 7 – Sock Goals


Click the links to watch the teachers attempt the challenge and have a go at beating them!

Good Luck!