Hi, Year 3!

We have attached your week 1 suggested timetable and tasks for you to complete.

For each day, we have created a maths, reading, English and wider curriculum activity for you to complete.  Lots of these activities are retrieval based and help build on your higher learning.

  • The timetable may help you plan your day, and explains what you need to do in each activity.
  • Maths this week is the retrieval of place value, addition and subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions.
  • English is planning and writing your information booklet about our secret garden.
  • Reading is three Wordsmith Wendy activities explaining how language helps you to create a picture in your mind.
  • Wider Curriculum is science (plants), computing (sweets) and history (Romans).

As it says on Mr Paxman’s letter to parents, you may contact your class teacher by email and if you would like to share anything with us about the great work you are all doing or just to give us an update, feel free to do so.

Our email addresses are via:

wk 1 timetable

Wider Curriculum Resources

Y3 Maths Week 1

Wordsmith Wendy activities

Information Leaflet on Secret Garden (English)

Finally, remember attitudes to learning and presentation of your work is just as important as it would be at school.  However, make sure you give yourself time to have fun, regular brain breaks and being helpful and polite to your family and your community.

We are so proud of your attitudes at this tricky time, you are an absolute credit to Totley Primary School!

Always remember Year 3, good friends stick together.

Miss Cooper
Mr Beard
Miss Ellis
Mrs Holmes
Miss Castle