In our topic on Prehistoric man, Y3 have been looking at what archaeologists do, what skills they need and what tools they use.

We were given a mission – could we help the British Museum  work out which periods in history 3 ancient poo samples were from? We knew that one was Viking, one Roman and one from the Stone Age, but which was which? Could we help to sort out the terrible mix up?

The poo samples looked quite similar but contained different things which gave us clues about what people used to eat in the past. We had to use our detective skills to examine the evidence and put the pieces of the jigsaw together in order to find the answer.

The children worked in groups and demonstrated excellent teamwork in the way they shared equipment and talked about their results. In the end, the evidence told us that sample A was the Viking poo, sample B was from the Stone Age and sample C was Roman. What a brilliant investigation – well done Y3!!