Good afternoon Year 3!

We hope you have had a lovely week. It has been great to see you all working so hard this week and we have loved seeing videos of your science experiments (regardless of whether they were a success or not!)

Next week is our final week before the half term holidays and then after that some children in FS2, Y1 and Y6 may be going back to school, but only if it is safe. This is going to be a strange experience for all the children at school, their parents and the teachers too! We really hope that when the time is right, you wonderful lot will be returning safely to school. Until then, keep up the hard work, make sure you take time to give your brain a rest and to enjoy time with your family.

Here are your week 7 resources:

Wk7 Timetable

1 Monday

No answer book is needed for Monday!

2 Tuesday

2 Tuesday Answers

3 Wednesday

3 Wednesday Answers

4 Thursday

4 Thursday Answers

5 Friday Part 1

5 Friday Part 2

5 Friday Answers


As always, let your teacher know of any successes or things you are finding challenging, we are here to help. Also, keep an eye out for Mr Beard’s maths videos, you may need them to help you!

Stay safe and keep smiling!

Miss Cooper, Miss Castle, Miss Ellis and Mr Beard! x