Good afternoon lovely Year 3!

We hope you have enjoyed the sunshine this week, it has felt like we have been in a tropical country. School has been a little bit busier this week and we are all still adjusting to the new ‘normal’.

Here is your home learning for next week:

wk 12 timetable
Week 12 Arithmetic Answers
Week 12 Arithmetic Questions
1 Monday
1 Monday Answers
2 Tuesday
2 Tuesday Answers
3 Wednesday
3 Wednesday Answers
4 Thursday
4 Thursday Answers
5 Friday
5 Friday Answers
Week 12 Weblinks
Continuous Cursive Handwriting Practice Sheet
Word Search Black and White

Again we just want to say how proud of you we all are and your brilliant attitude to learning. Another big shout out is needed to the mums, dads, grandparents etc for being such brilliant teachers whilst also trying to juggle everything else life is throwing at them at the moment!

Keep in touch with your teachers about the great things you are doing at home and please contact us if you have any questions or queries!

Keep smiling!

Miss Cooper, Miss Ellis and Mr Beard x