In Year 3, we have been writing our own new chapter for our class story Stig of the Dump.

Well I am happy to say the quality of writing has been fantastic and I am honestly so impressed with you all!

I couldn’t just choose one winner, so here are my four favourite entries…

Hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Miss Ellis : )


Stig of the Dump

By Rachel Linn

 One sunny, bright day, Barney went to Stig’s den. Around he walked and saw the smelly, trashed dump. It was empty except for a sweaty, happy Stig. Barney gasped. Next to Stig, was a new, ginormous machine.

“What is it Stig?” Barney asked.

“Time machine.” Grunted Stig.

“Why do we have to travel back in time?” said Barney.

“Want an adventure” grunted Stig.

So Barney and the excited Stig couldn’t wait to start. Stig got on. The machine was made out of a big, iron box, four wooden, big wheels and a bicycle which had an ipad on the front.

Barney now realised that Stig wasn’t just a cave man, he was a scientist! And an inventor! Stig sat on the bicycle and Barney climbed into the iron box. What Stig was doing now was cycling on the spot. In one minute, they were zooming through millions and tons of flying cars. Their lights looked a bit scary because they looked like yellow, fierce cat’s eyes. Barney tried to read the words on the I pad. It said ‘travelling 2.3 million years back in time. Suddenly, there was a big BANG! They had arrived.


But oh no! They had forgotton to bring the arrows. So they went out on the dusty, peach floor and golly! A mammoth darted in front of them. But another mammoth was a girl and Stig saw it then realised they could be in love. So he brought them together and they fell in love. What a brilliant day they had! So Stig and Barney climbed into the time machine and went home.


“Barney! Where have you been?” Grandma called.

“Coming!” said Barney.


Stig of the Dump

By Lottie Stephens

 One day, Barney and Stig were sitting in Stig’s dark, misty den.

Stig gunted, “We go hunt!”

Barney was shocked. “Hunt what?” he said.

“Mammoth” said Stig.

They met some deer and used all their arrows killing them. So they got ten brown, soft feathers from a chicken, some flint from gravel and some sticks. They made ten new arrows. Then they found the woolly mammoth and killed it. Suddenly, behind them on a rock was A SABRE TOOTH TIGER!! And they only had three arrows left! The beast snarled fiercely. The wind ruffled its thick, rough fur. But then, Stig came up with a plan. He quickly got his spear out and just as the beast was about to attack, he plunged the spear down its throat. The dangerous creature died. Finally, they went home and had some dinner.


Stig of the Dump

Chapter 6- The Time Tells

By Marley Greaves

 It was a sunny, bright day. Puffy, white clouds floated in the air. In the garden there were some tiny marshmallow-coloured flowers. Barney was so bored so he decided to visit Stig. Stig was thrilled to see him so he decided to show Barney a magic, aged time room. They stepped into the time room and then there was a shiny, emerald-coloured explosion and they travelled back to the Ice Age. When they woke up, they were in a cave surrounded by cave paintings. Soon, they found a horn behind a giant, hairy rock. But then, it stood up and it was a giant, woolly rhino! The woolly rhino chased Barney and Stig into the dark, gloomy cave that they woke up in and they were trapped! Suddenly, Sig had an idea. They rode the woolly rhino and they nearly fell off twice. After one hour, they were close to the time room. Then Barney, Stig and the woolly rhino travelled back to the future. That night, the three friends roasted yummy, gooey marshmallows on the glowing fire and sung songs.


Stig of the Dump

A Stone Age Solution

By Ava Cusworth

Barney was bored. Stig was bored too.
“Why don’t we go fishing?” said Barney.

Together, Barney and Stig marched around the pit and went to the edge of the deep, rocky river.

“Oh no!” cried Barney. “I forgot a fishing rod!”

He sighed and looked into the shallow bit of the river. He saw a faint light glowing through some small rocks.

“Stig!” shouted Barney, “Look at this!”


Barney scraped the small rocks away and picked the glowing object up.

“Look, it’s a locket Stig. And it says Stone Age on it,” explained Barney.

Barney slowly opened the locket and there was a flash of green light.


They travelled to the Stone Age!

“Ohh my goodness!” hissed Barney….”I’m a snake!”

“OOOhh oooh ahh ahh,” said Stig and mumbled something like a monkey.

“Yes,” explained Barney, “You are a furry, clever monkey,


Just then, a booming voice came out of nowhere and said “Survive for 10 minutes and go back to the future safely.”


Then, towering above them, were seven Stone Age men. Quickly, Barney spat poison at one of them. Stig used his monkey arms and legs to charge, knocking five of them to their feet. Rapidly, Barney spat poison on a leaf and called, “Stig, throw this!”

Stig took the leaf and threw it gracefully at the man but he missed.

“NOOOO!” said Barney.

But then, the Stone Age man ran away. The others ran after him.

“Yay!” shouted Barney, “We win!”


All of a sudden, there was the bright, green flash and they were on the bank of the river. The locket was nowhere to be seen. They walked over to the muddy, damp edge of the dump.

“That was a wild adventure,” said Barney.


Just then, Stig appeared holding a glass bowl with white sparkles floating inside of it. It said, ‘Iron Age’.

“Here we go again,” sighed Barney.