Good morning Year 3!

Here is a picture of Mrs Holmes with a book she is reading at the moment. This is what she said about it!

The book I have chosen to read this week is A brief history of time by Stephen Hawking.
Why did I chose this book? I really wanted to challenge myself. Usually the books I read are all fiction, I love to snuggle on my
sofa with a cup of tea, my dog Monty and a good book. 
I asked my daughter for a recommendation and this is the book she suggested. What I know so far.. Stephen Hawking was a brilliant British scientist, he wanted to share his love and passion of science. He wrote this book in such a way that most people could read and understand (although I think I may have to read some chapters more than once!)
A brief history of time is about the universe, how did it start, why did it start?  I am looking forward to reading chapter 10 as it is all 
about time travel. How wonderful would it be to travel through time, but would you go to the future or chose to visit somewhere in history?
What have you all been reading? I cant wait to see your pictures and hopefully get some more recommendations of good books
to read from you. 
Well done Mrs Holmes! Another great pick!
Have a lovely day everyone!
Miss Cooper x