Year 3 reading update! We just cannot stop ourselves from immersing ourselves in a good book and now its Miss Ellis and Matteo’s turn!

Over to you Miss Ellis!

My lockdown book is called microadventures and it’s by Alistair Humphreys…I was amazed to see he is the same person who wrote the boy who biked the world! It seems that me and Mr Beard have similar taste! Well anyway, the book gives you so many ideas about how to have your own extraordinary adventures close to home. Alastair gives loads of ideas on ways to make life more fun by just looking at things in a slightly different way. From exploring a river to where it begins, to cooking a delicious meal out in the countryside and sleeping in your garden under the stars! He’s even inspired me to go and build a den in the woods at the weekend!
Matteo’s lockdown book is called playtime pets. He has to turn over the flaps to reveal different parts of each pet and guess what it is. He wants to read it 100 times a day. No joke!
Keep reading Year 3!  x