Hi Year Two children, parents and caregivers,

Thank you once again for all your hard work this week – as always we have been blown away by your enthusiasm and commitment towards your home learning.

We just want to say that the work set is a guide and we hope that it is seen as something to complete at your own ability and time frame. Some days you might do more than others, you might spend longer on tasks or carry over tasks from day to day or even weeks- this is absolutely fine and doesn’t mean you are behind or not completing enough.

Do what you can- if you feel confident to do the extra challenges great- but it is also okay if you don’t. We don’t expect you to spend all day on your home learning work – 1-2 hours a day is sufficient and a healthy amount for children your age.

Also remember  – the tasks we set are not like what we would do in a whole lesson – so sometimes they may only take 15 minutes – this doesn’t mean you need to fill 45 minutes to complete an hour of maths like you would have in school – there is no teacher input on the board, partner talk, modelling from the teacher etc which all take time in a lesson.

The normal school day is full of extra bits- assemblies, library visits, P.E, activities, sharing, group work – therefore the home learning is not meant to assume you need to spend all day working. Spending time playing, cooking, crafting, painting, reading, watching a film, going on a bike ride, walking to the park, building lego – these are all just as valuable as the school work we set.

Please look through the daily home learning and either work through it all each day or pick and choose what you feel you can achieve that day. If some bits seem too hard or you’re unclear – you can email the teacher or leave it – gaps will be filled once you’re back at school- please don’t worry.
Hope this helps.
Well done and thank you again.
The Year Two team

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