Hi Year 2!
It’s Mrs Buck here. Thank you so much for all your hard work again this week. It is lovely to see the videos and photos and reading the emails about what you have been up to.
We have been so impressed with your attitude to your learning and how well you are all coping during the lock down.
Here are this week’s Home Learning Tasks. Do what you can – it is fine to pick and choose and work through what you feel comfortable. We understand that some days might be harder than others to feel motivated and many of you have younger siblings at home that can interrupt a lot! My daughter Charlotte is constantly being interrupted by her little brothers! Also, lots of you have parents at home that are working so finding time can sometimes be tricky. It’s okay – we understand. Do your best that’s all we ask.
For Maths and English- remember once you have completed the tasks – challenging yourself to each level that you normally would in school – we don’t expect you to sit for an hour like you would in school. If you finish it in 20 minutes- great!
Have a great weekend. Stay safe.
Year 2 Team

Monday 8.6.20

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