Hi Year 2!!

What a fabulous week it has been! Hopefully it has mean that you have been able to enjoy being outside as much as possible.

We hope you have enjoyed the Sports Week and managed to beat the teacher on some of the challenges! Mr Beard’s was particularly challenging, so well done to those that beat him!

It’s been great to talk to some of you and your parents/ caregivers this week. We miss you! Hearing how you have been getting on has been fab. You are all working so hard.

Some of you are starting to really miss school and your friends so it’s been nice to hear that you have been able to see a few people out and about (socially distanced) around Totley.

Here is this week’s learning. As always – do what you can. Try your best. That’s all we ask of you.

Please send photos of your work-and if anyone wants to send in their completed posters to school that would be amazing – the best ones will be displayed on the Year 2 corridor board!

Thanks again.

The Year 2 Team x

P. S A couple of parents have asked for extra work – so it is attached here as separate documents (Additional Reading Challenge/ Maths Extension Challenges) to our weekly home learning packs. Please note there is no expectation to do this – it is there to be used only if you want it.


Sports Week PowerPoint

Home Learning Y2 WHOLE WEEK IN ONE



Extra work

Additional Reading Challenge

Maths Extension Challenges