Year Two have been continuing their Space topic with some music. We started this week by listening to Gustav Holst’s Planets composition. We tried to guess which planet each piece of music represented. Next we got into groups and chose a planet to compose a piece of music for. We spent time this week developing our piece of music and created a written composition. We thought that the Y5s might enjoy listening to our work as they have recently completed their Space topic too. Harry volunteered to be our ‘class conductor’ and did a fab job of making sure everyone knew when to play during their group’s performance.

The Year 5s used some of their prior knowledge to guess which planet each group had used as their inspiration.


P1000638 P1000639 P1000641 P1000651 P1000655 P1000656 P1000657 P1000662 P1000665 P1000669 P1000675 P1000680 P1000692 P1000695