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Year 2 – a little extra learning

Good afternoon Y2,

Please see below some further reading linked to Sports Week and some maths.


Many thanks,

Y2 Team


Reading Comprehension

Children’s Instructions Sports Week

Sports Day children’s instructions

Virtual Sports Week

Hi everybody,


The week commencing 22nd June would have been our school sports week. We would have completed many challenges throughout the week, had some extra PE lessons doing some unusual sports and competed for our house teams on sports day. Unfortunately, our plans have had to change, but we can still celebrate a week of sport at home or in our bubbles at school.

Attitudes to Sport

One of the projects you can have a go at, is to think about famous sports people from around the world and how they have demonstrated our attitudes to learning to help them succeed. Have a look at the PowerPoint presentation link below to help you create either a factfile, PowerPoint or a poster about a sports person.

Sports Week 


Virtual Sports Day

On Friday 26th June it would have been our Sports Day at Abbeydale. We have created a ‘Virtual Sports Day’ set of challenges for you all to have a go at to try and win the trophy for your house.

A big thanks to the Mrs Crookes for helping to set this up and to all the teachers who have filmed themselves completing the 7 challenges.

Can you beat the teacher to earn points for your team? 

-You get 5 points for trying each challenge

-You get a further 5 points if you many to beat the teacher’s score

You get 3 attempts at each event, record your best score on the sheet and send it in to your class teacher to forward to Mr Flevill.

Click here to download your Score Card


Challenge 1 – Throw, Catch, Clap

Challenge 2 – Speed Bounces

Challenge 3 – Over and Under

Challenge 4 – Egg & Spoon

Challenge 5 – Keep it Up

Challenge 6 – Move & Collect

Challenge 7 – Sock Goals


Click the links to watch the teachers attempt the challenge and have a go at beating them!

Good Luck!

Year 2 Movie – week beginning 15.6.20

Another amazing week Year 2.

We are all missing you so much.

The Year 2 Team x

Y2 Week beginning 22.6.20

Hi Year Two children, parents and caregivers,

Thank you once again for all your hard work this week – as always we have been blown away by your enthusiasm and commitment towards your home learning.

We just want to say that the work set is a guide and we hope that it is seen as something to complete at your own ability and time frame. Some days you might do more than others, you might spend longer on tasks or carry over tasks from day to day or even weeks- this is absolutely fine and doesn’t mean you are behind or not completing enough.

Do what you can- if you feel confident to do the extra challenges great- but it is also okay if you don’t. We don’t expect you to spend all day on your home learning work – 1-2 hours a day is sufficient and a healthy amount for children your age.

Also remember  – the tasks we set are not like what we would do in a whole lesson – so sometimes they may only take 15 minutes – this doesn’t mean you need to fill 45 minutes to complete an hour of maths like you would have in school – there is no teacher input on the board, partner talk, modelling from the teacher etc which all take time in a lesson.

The normal school day is full of extra bits- assemblies, library visits, P.E, activities, sharing, group work – therefore the home learning is not meant to assume you need to spend all day working. Spending time playing, cooking, crafting, painting, reading, watching a film, going on a bike ride, walking to the park, building lego – these are all just as valuable as the school work we set.

Please look through the daily home learning and either work through it all each day or pick and choose what you feel you can achieve that day. If some bits seem too hard or you’re unclear – you can email the teacher or leave it – gaps will be filled once you’re back at school- please don’t worry.
Hope this helps.
Well done and thank you again.
The Year Two team

Y2 Wk beg 22.6 ONE DOCUMENT

Mosque diagram

Hi there,

I think the mosque diagram is tricky to see on the home learning.

So here it is in its original document.

Hope this helps.

Y2 Team


Label Mosque

Year 2 Movie – week beginning 8/6/20

Well, it’s our favourite part of the week again.  Here is the video showing all the great learning you have been doing at home.

Keep up the hard work, keep smiling and be kind.

Enjoy the weekend,

The Year 2 team x

Y2 Home Learning Week beginning 15.6.20

Hi Year Two!

We hope you have all had a good week despite the wet weather. Thank you once again for all your hard work –  we really appreciate all the effort you have been making.

Have a go at this weeks learning. It is all in one document – but you will see each day is separated.

We look forward to seeing your photos.

Have a lovely weekend.

Year Two Team x

Y2 Wk beg 15.6.20


Y2 Homelearning Week beg. 8.6.20

Hi Year 2!
It’s Mrs Buck here. Thank you so much for all your hard work again this week. It is lovely to see the videos and photos and reading the emails about what you have been up to.
We have been so impressed with your attitude to your learning and how well you are all coping during the lock down.
Here are this week’s Home Learning Tasks. Do what you can – it is fine to pick and choose and work through what you feel comfortable. We understand that some days might be harder than others to feel motivated and many of you have younger siblings at home that can interrupt a lot! My daughter Charlotte is constantly being interrupted by her little brothers! Also, lots of you have parents at home that are working so finding time can sometimes be tricky. It’s okay – we understand. Do your best that’s all we ask.
For Maths and English- remember once you have completed the tasks – challenging yourself to each level that you normally would in school – we don’t expect you to sit for an hour like you would in school. If you finish it in 20 minutes- great!
Have a great weekend. Stay safe.
Year 2 Team

Monday 8.6.20

Tuesday 9.6.20

Wednesday 10.6.20

Thursday 11.6.20

Friday 12.6.20

Year 2 Movie – week beginning 1.6.20

Here is this week’s video of all the amazing things you have been up to.  We are so proud of everything you do and by the looks on your faces, you are too!

Keep up all the hard work but remember to have lots of fun too.

The Year 2 team