Good afternoon Blyton and Freedman Children.

I would like to start by saying how proud myself, Mrs Buck and Mrs Hadabora are of all of Y2.  We have had a fantastic year of learning together so far and by providing this home learning we know that once this storm has been ridden we will be back to business as usual.  In order to offer any support we can please see  our email addresses below.


When opening the home learning (Y2 Writing, SPaG and Maths)  you will find a cover timetable with the expectations of what work should be completed each day.

Maths– takes the form of a revisit quiz. The aim of this is to consolidate learning and help the children constantly revisit their mathematical knowledge. This should not be a timed task and please get in touch if you need support in how to explain any misconceptions.

Writing – we have set short planning and writing tasks that will allow the children to display their skills and knowledge.  The task will have a summative writing piece. If you have the ability to scan work and send it or send pictures of the writing I know all of us would appreciate seeing your hard learning. Remember BEST HANDWRITING (backs and bums in chairs – tummies near tables)!

SPaG– Similar to the children’s daily morning task these 3-4 questions call on their prior knowledge. Should you have any questions regarding terminology please get in touch. 

Reading– We have attached 4 reading pieces for the children to read (if your child is having difficulty reading the text read it to/with them) and answer the questions. The answers to the questions are found at the back of the document.

Wider Curriculum– We have provided a learning journey on Kenya.  Let’s go on SAFARI!  This learning journey will call on the children’s prior learning. You have 7 lessons and a quiz to complete.

Finally having spoken with Mrs Buck and Mrs Hadabora we would like to send our thoughts to all our children and families.  Please send us pictures and messages to show us your learning and how you are.  If you provide permission in the email I will display some of the pictures and learning on this blog.

Good Friends Stick Together

Mr Barnes, Mrs Buck, Mrs Hadabora, Mrs Crookes and Mrs Read.

Kenya Lesson 1

Kenya Lesson 2

Kenya Lesson 3

Kenya Lesson 4

Kenya Lesson 5

Kenya Lesson 6

Kenya Lesson 7

Let’s go on safari summative quiz

Lets go on Safari Work1

Lets go on Safari Work2

Lets go on Safari Work3

Letsgo on Safari Work4

Lets go on Safari Work5

Lets go on Safari Work6

Lets go on Safari Work7

Y2 Home reading

Year 2 Writing SPaG and Maths