In Year 1 Potter and Murphy we have been learning about islands.

In our Islands topic, we have been looking at the weather. We have made our own weather forecast, a weather diary and have drawn pictures to show the changing seasons. We also went for a walk around Totley and found all the things that we do and don’t like. We used these ideas to write a letter to Councillor Ross telling him what we thought. We have also been looking at e-safety and how to keep ourselves safe online. In this, we made our own class acceptable use policies which you can see on our Year 1 blog. We have discussed how feelings online are the same as offline and the different ways we can connect with people.

In English, we have looked at the story ‘Grandad’s Island’. We each created a scrap book  of Syd’s adventure and have written a prediction about what Grandad wrote in his letter to Syd. In Maths, we have been learning all about telling time to o’clock, half past and quarter to/past.