Hi Murphys and Potters,


Another week of home learning has flown by and another one begins. This is the last one before the half term holidays and our potential return on 1st June! The great work has continued to flood in and we are so proud of the time and effort each and everyone of you has put in to every piece of work. Year 1, you are all superstars!

In this week’s pack we have included some new challenges to have a go at if you wish. These are trickier and will make you think very deeply about the answers. Remember it’s OK if your not sure on the answers, just do your best and show your resilience skills to keep trying.


This week we will be-

  • finding half of 2D shapes, finding half of amounts, doubling numbers and comparing the answers to double and halving problems.
  • learning about the stories of Jesus and what they can teach us.
  • reading a new story called ‘Six Blind Men and the Elephant’ and writing our own version of the story.
  • Practising the skills we have learned in our wider curriculum lessons in our retrieval practise. Friday has a special retrieval activity by Mrs Taylor.
  • Practising our phonics, we are working on the set 3 sounds. If you still need to practice some set 2 sounds that aren’t secure that is fine.


Download the week 7 home learning packs here:

Monday Y1 Monday wk 7

Tuesday Y1 Tuesday wk 7

Wednesday Y1 Wednesday wk 7

Thursday Y1 Thursday wk 7

Friday Y1 Friday wk 7

(The pack is also available as a .pdf home learning week 7  )

If you don’t have access to a printer or would rather not print out so many pages, please feel free to adapt the work and write directly into your home learning notebooks. If you have finished the home learning workbook, feel free to use any notebook you have available (lined if possible). Have a great week.


Watch the videos for this week:



English – Six Blind men and an elephant 01




English – Six Blind men and an elephant 02



English – Six Blind men and an elephant 03



English – Six Blind men and an elephant 04


Friday – no videos today.


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