Hello Murphys and Potters,

Another amazing week of home learning! We have enjoyed hearing about lots of you looking out for human and physical features on your daily walks. Last week, as we chatted with your grownups about all the amazing home learning you are doing we just felt so proud of you all. Keep up the amazing work!

Here’s what we have been up to:

We have  wondering what the sycamore tree in our school field is looking like now that it is Spring.

Mrs Mather has been out photographing spring trees and flowers on her daily walks. Do you know what any of these plants are? (1 is a woodland flower and 3 are tree blossoms)

This week we will be

  • practising handwriting – thinking carefully about how to form each letter and where to place it on the line
  • learning some new high frequency words – practicing adding the suffixes -er and -est to adjective (e.g. fast + er = faster, fast + est = fastest)
  • in maths we will be reminding ourselves of the names and properties of 3D shapes and practicing solving mixed number problems.
  • reviewing some phonics sounds  –  using Read Write Inc Daily lesson videos on YouTube – revisit any set 2 sounds that are tricky and start set 3 sounds when you are ready. New set 3 sounds come online at 10.30am daily. Watch both the speed sound and the spelling video for whichever set you are working on.
  • in English it is time for our Big Write! This week  there is a choice of writing task. You can either re-write the Grandad’s Island story or write your own story. We can’t wait to read your work!
  • doing some retrieval practice for things that we studied recently in topic and
  • in topic we are learning to do some computer coding.

Download the week 5 home learning packs here:

Monday Y1 Monday wk 6

Tuesday Y1 Tuesday wk 6

Wednesday Y1 Wednesday wk 6

Thursday Y1 Thursday wk 6

Friday Y1 Friday wk 6

(The pack is also available as a .pdf  home learning week 6 )

If you don’t have access to a printer or would rather not print out so many pages, please feel free to adapt the work and write directly into your home learning notebooks. If you have finished the home learning workbook, feel free to use any notebook you have available (lined if possible). Have a great week.

Watch the videos for this week:


Monday Maths

BBC Bitesize 3D shapes


3D shape game



Monday – English Grandad’s Island 17  Introduction


Task 1 – rewrite


Task 2 Alternate story


How to log on to the discovery coding website


Tuesday Maths

3D shape sorting



Other websites


Read Write Inc daily speed sounds and spellings



Discovery coding



Joe Wicks PE lessons