Today in Year 1 we spent the day as scientists! We put on our lab coats and goggles and investigated some materials!

As some of you may of heard, Miss Coupe’s favourite teddy, Fred, was stolen by the mysterious ‘Boris’ and when he was returned we discovered that he had spent the weekend on our playground!

Fred sent us a message and asked us if we could design him a raincoat to keep him dry as whilst he was on the playground he got very wet because it rained all weekend!

So… Our mission was clear. We needed to find a material that was waterproof.

First we discussed which materials we were going to test. We had six to choose from. We then discussed what a fair test is and what we were going to keep the same about our investigation. We decided that in order for it to be fair we needed to keep the water, the teddies and the cups the same.P1070001

We then got in to our groups and decided on the three materials that we would test. We talked about which materials we thought would be the most and least waterproof.





It was then time to test our materials. We had three cups, each with a bear in it. We had to carefully cover our cups with our chosen materials and secure it with a rubber band. We then worked together to take it in turns to use the pipette to drop the water on to the materials. We then had to be patient and wait to see if any of the materials let the water through!P1070012













Once we had finished our experiments we came back together as a class and we discussed our findings… we all agreed that the best materials to make Fred’s coat were foil and plastic!

We had a great day investigating the materials and it really got our brains thinking about the properties of materials!

We also did a super job of recording our investigations and findings in our learning journeys, so please feel free to come and have a look!