We have started our new topic this half term which is all about plants and how they grow. We are really excited about this topic as there are so many different things for us to do and investigate!

One of our learning questions was, ‘How do plants grow?’ so we decided as a class that we would plant some sunflowers and watch them grow and keep a diary.

We discussed with Mrs Taylor what it is that plants need to be healthy and grow and then we spent Wednesday afternoon being gardeners and planted our little seeds! We are very excited about watching to see how tall they grow!

We are keeping them in the classroom at the minute as it is nice and warm but as soon as they start to sprout we will be putting them in our quad where it is nice and sunny so hopefully they will grow huge!

Each week we are going to keep a diary and monitor their progress so feel free to pop in and take a look!

Here are some pictures of us planting our seeds!

IMG_0273      IMG_0275

IMG_0276      IMG_0282

IMG_0291      IMG_0298

IMG_0308      IMG_0324

IMG_0329      IMG_0279

IMG_0300      IMG_0333