We had a special visitor in Year 1 today! Mrs Laurie from ‘Dark Star Puppets’ came along to school to teach us all about shadow puppets and help us create our own shadow puppet show!

We had a great day, first we learnt the story that we would have to retell using our shadow puppets. It was called ‘Mr Fox rules the stream’. The story was about a mean fox that abused his power and took control of a stream. The other animals in the forest worked together to teach him a lesson about being kind and that we should look after each other!



We then got to look at some of the puppets that Mrs Laurie had brought with her and we talked about how the shadows were made. We learnt that if light can’t pass through a material its called ‘opaque’ and if some light can pass through a material it’s called translucent.

We had lot’s of fun laughing at all of the funny shaped puppets!

P1060487 P1060489 P1060490

After playtime we then moved on to making our puppets to retell our story ‘Mr Fox rules the stream’. We could either make a fox, a rabbit, a shrimp, a fish, an elephant or a snake. We stuck the outlines on to cardboard to make sure that they were secure and then we cut them out. Once we had cut the eyes out or the ears we could use cellophane to put over the gaps so that when the light shone through we could see colour – they looked really effective!

P1060499 P1060498 P1060496 P1060497 P1060495 P1060494 P1060493 P1060492

After lunch we then had a bit of a practise of the story and we went outside to collect foliage to decorate the screen – so that it looked more like a forest!

P1060500 P1060501 P1060502 P1060503 P1060504

After our practice, FS2 became our audience and we got to retell our story and show off all of our hard work! You can watch our performance by scanning the QR below!