Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the Funny Bones stories in Y1 and we have had lot’s of fun looking at the language used and making up our own stories!

The stories link really well to our topic at the moment which is ‘Ourselves’ and we have had a great time learning about our bodies and especially our skeletons!

We first looked at the structure of the Funny Bones stories and soon realised that all of them start the same:

On a dark, dark hill,

there was a dark, dark town.

In the dark, dark town,

there was a dark, dark street.

On the dark, dark street,

there was a tall, tall house.

And in the tall, tall house there lived three skeletons!


So we had a go at making up our own and thinking of some different adjectives that we could use instead of ‘dark’ and ‘tall’.

We came up with:

scary   winding   creepy   huge    tiny    gloomy   

We then came up with some actions to help us remember our stories. We had great fun doing this and were really creative with our ideas! We also worked really well in our groups!

P1060052 P1060058 P1060059 P1060060 P1060070 P1060087 P1060104 P1060117 P1060126

Make sure to come and have a look at our Funny Bones display on the corridor outside of our classroom!