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Summer activity pack

Here are activity packs for over the Summer Holidays. 

(You might already have a paper copy of this, which your child will have brought home with their work books.)

Dear Parents/Carers,

Here is a pack of activities you might find helpful over the summer break. We know that for some families, home learning has been helpful to give the day some structure and routine while parents work from home. Also, we want children to know that, even though it is the summer holidays, we are still thinking about them and want them to know they are still part of the Totley Primary School community.

The first part of the pack is maths and English worksheets with answers. This could help keep children’s knowledge and skills fresh for September. However, there is no expectation that children must complete them and your child will not be ‘behind’ if they don’t. Feedback from some families has shown us how home learning like this has helped give structure and focus, as well as a sense of achievement for their children. If you feel this is the right thing for your child, then the resources are there to help.

The second part of the pack is to help continue the sense of community over the summer holiday. Firstly, as a school, we are aiming to read 1,000 books! Please Tweet or email photos either of your child holding each book they read over the summer, or a photo of the cover of the book. We will keep track of how many books have been read and celebrate our achievement in September. To reach our target (or even smash it!), we need everyone to do their part by reading and sharing what they read. Also, we’ve given 6 ideas for things you could do together over the holiday. If you want to share the outcomes of your den building, cooking, art, history or geography, please do so using the Twitter # on each activity, or by emailing photos to

We are really looking forward to welcoming everyone back to school in September. It has been an       extraordinary time, but the strength of the Totley Primary School community is as strong as ever.

Best wishes, The Totley Team x

FS2 to Y1

Year 1 to 2

Year 2 to 3

Year 3 to 4

Year 4 to 5

Year 5 to 6

Year 6 to 7

Welcome to Y1 Potter


welcome to the Year 1 blog!  Here is a little video to say hello.

From Mrs Mather


Transition Week home learning

Dear Parents and Carers,

Many of you will have received your child’s home learning pack for transition week in the post, and if you haven’t already, I know you’ll be eagerly waiting by the letter box!

If your child attends school in a bubble, they might have brought it home with them already. Also, children who are in school on a Monday or Tuesday will be given their packs in person.

For children who are attending school in the last week of term, there will be lots of time and support to complete the activities here at school. However, we still wanted you to have a copy of the activities so you could share in the experience and talk about it together at home.

We would really encourage you to share your home learning during transition week with your new child’s teacher/s. Some activities can be posted back to school in the envelope provided. Alternatively, sent a picture to them via email (new class teacher emails are included in the packs). Check out your new year group class blog for updates too!

Below are the packs for your information. We have tried (really hard!) to make sure the correct pack was posted to the correct child, but just in case one slipped through the net, here are the resources for you to access.

If you have any questions, or we can help in any way, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

FS2A to Y1M

FS2D to Y1P

Y1M to Y2F

Y1P to Y2B

Y2 to Y3

Y3 to Y4

Y4 to Y5

Y5 to Y6

Year 1 home learning pack week 13 – wk starting 6th July

What an amazing week!  You have become experts in plants and animals this year and really showcased all the knowledge and skills you have learned in the fantastic zoos that you have designed and built.

This pack is the last official Year 1 pack we will be sending out because for Transition Week you will complete work set by your new Year 2 teachers. Thank you for all your hard work this year. We know that you will continue to be super stars in year 2!

Here is your home learning for week 13:

–  in maths we will be playing some games to review this year’s learning.

– in English you will be writing a letter to the teachers that you will have in year 2 to tell them all about yourself.

– in topic you will use your creativity to represent something important that you learned in each of our topics.

You can download this week’s pack here home learning week 13

Have a super week!

Virtual Sports Week – The Results!

Hi everybody,

Mr Flevill here! What an amazing effort from you all to make our ‘Virtual Sports Day’ a complete success. Well done to everybody who took part, every single point you earned made a difference in the final scores and there wasn’t much between the eventual winners and the 3 runner ups!

Thank you so much for all the videos, scorecards and pictures to help show how much fun you had. A big thank you to the teachers for their challenge videos and a huge well done to everybody who managed to beat their scores!


But, we all want to know who won. Watch the link and enjoy the video to find out …


Year 1 home learning pack week 12 – wk starting 29th June

Hi Murphys and Potters,

Another amazing week, with lots of brilliant work sent in to us. Well done everybody! Thank you for all your Virtual Sports Week score cards, there will be an announcement this week about which house team has won overall, so keep your eyes out for that.

This week:

  • In maths we will be reviewing our understanding of coins. We are going to use our knowledge of coins to practise a range of skills, for each day you will find an easier, normal and challenging sheet. Please don’t feel you have to complete all of these (unless you want to) but they are there to make sure everyone is working at a level that they find manageable.
  • In English we are practise some of our guided reading skills around the Stick Man story rather than creating a piece of writing.
  • In topic, we have a challenge for you all. Can you design your own zoo? Each day you will get new instruction in how to develop your zoo practising your maths skills and knowledge of animals.
  • In phonics, we will keep working on the Read Write Inc set 3 sounds.

The home learning packs this week are the same for everyone and can be found here:

home learning week 12

If you are at school, we will print these off for you to take home and to complete in school. If your child is remaining at home but would like us to print off the home learning pack for you to collect from the school office, please contact your class teacher.


Have a great week everybody!

Children’s Instructions Sports Week

Sports Day children’s instructions

Virtual Sports Week

Hi everybody,


The week commencing 22nd June would have been our school sports week. We would have completed many challenges throughout the week, had some extra PE lessons doing some unusual sports and competed for our house teams on sports day. Unfortunately, our plans have had to change, but we can still celebrate a week of sport at home or in our bubbles at school.

Attitudes to Sport

One of the projects you can have a go at, is to think about famous sports people from around the world and how they have demonstrated our attitudes to learning to help them succeed. Have a look at the PowerPoint presentation link below to help you create either a factfile, PowerPoint or a poster about a sports person.

Sports Week 


Virtual Sports Day

On Friday 26th June it would have been our Sports Day at Abbeydale. We have created a ‘Virtual Sports Day’ set of challenges for you all to have a go at to try and win the trophy for your house.

A big thanks to the Mrs Crookes for helping to set this up and to all the teachers who have filmed themselves completing the 7 challenges.

Can you beat the teacher to earn points for your team? 

-You get 5 points for trying each challenge

-You get a further 5 points if you many to beat the teacher’s score

You get 3 attempts at each event, record your best score on the sheet and send it in to your class teacher to forward to Mr Flevill.

Click here to download your Score Card


Challenge 1 – Throw, Catch, Clap

Challenge 2 – Speed Bounces

Challenge 3 – Over and Under

Challenge 4 – Egg & Spoon

Challenge 5 – Keep it Up

Challenge 6 – Move & Collect

Challenge 7 – Sock Goals


Click the links to watch the teachers attempt the challenge and have a go at beating them!

Good Luck!

Year 1 home learning pack week 11 – wk starting 22nd June

Hi Murphys and Potters,

Thank you for all your support this week as we introduced some children back to school. We have had lots of fun, great work and smiles and we have seen some great home learning work this week too. This week would have been our Sports Week at school, so keep an eye out for some sporting challenges that are on their way out to you soon!

This week:

  • In maths we will be reviewing our understanding of place value.
  • In English we are learning to write our own animal riddles.
  • In topic, as it is sports week, there is the Virtual Sports Day Challenges and a small research project to have a go at.
  • In phonics, we will keep working on the Read Write Inc set 3 sounds.

The home learning packs this week are the same for everyone and can be found here

home learning week 11



Maths Video


Maths Video


Maths Video



Year 1 home learning pack week 10 – wk starting 15th June

Hi Murphys and Potters,

What another fantastic week of home learning! We have really enjoyed reading your pirate writing, watching you become experts at sharing quantities, and seeing some very creative weaving projects. This week is an exciting week  – we will all continue to learn at home and some of us will be in school for a couple of days. Whether we are at school or at home we will all be working on the same projects! To help us with the transition back to school for some,  this week will be a bit of a review to consolidate our learning so far.

  • In maths we will be doing a review sheet each day- this will help us demonstrate all the amazing maths skills we have developed in year one and help us spot any areas we need some extra practice on.
  • In English we are going to be using our imaginations and our super writing skills to write about 5 pictures. This is the perfect time to show our fantastic handwriting, punctuation, adjectives and conjunctions!
  • In topic we are going to look at art work from 5 famous artists and see if we can produce some art work inspired by them.
  • In phonics, we will keep working on the Read Write Inc set 3 sounds.

Your feedback about any tricky areas in the maths and English review work would be really helpful for our planning over the last few weeks of term.

If you would like extra materials to supplement this week’s learning, there are some great resources on the Oak National Academy website.

The home learning packs will run slightly differently to account for the children coming to school and those staying at home.

  • First, you will find the packs for children home learning for the whole week.
  • Next, you will find the home learning for children attending the Monday/Tuesday bubble (This will be provided on Monday so there is no need to print this.)
  • Finally, you will find the home learning for children attending the Thursday/ Friday bubble.


1.   Home learning all week:

Monday Y1 Monday week 10

Tuesday Y1 Tuesday week 10

Wednesday Y1 Wednesday week 10

Thursday Y1 Thursday week 10

Friday Y1 Friday week 10

(The pack is also available as a .pdf home learning week 10)


2.  In school –  Monday and Tuesday;       Home Learning – Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

Your Monday and Tuesday work is printed off and waiting for you. Your home learning is also printed off for you and will be take home on Monday.

If you need another copy here is the PDF:   home learning week 10 Mon Tues

Wednesday (Day 1 of home learning)

Thursday (Day 2 of home learning)

Friday (Day 3 of home learning)


3.    Home learning – Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday;       In school – Thursday, Friday

Your Thursday and Friday work is printed off and waiting for you at school. Yo will need to print off your home learning this week. In future it will be printed off at school on the Friday to be taken home for the following week.

Monday (Day 1 of home learning)

Tuesday (Day 2 of home learning)

Wednesday (Day 3 of home learning)

Here is the home learning PDF:    home learning week 10 Thur Fri

If you don’t have access to a printer or would rather not print out so many pages, please feel free to adapt the work and write directly into your home learning notebooks. If you have finished the home learning workbook, feel free to use any notebook you have available (lined if possible). Have a great week.


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