Sunday 14th April saw a welcome return of the Easter Egg Hunt. After a year off due to the building works, it was great to host the Spring Time event and see the children hunting round the grounds for their sticks.

With over 1000 red, orange, yellow, blue & green hidden sticks to find, plus the special Gold and two Silver ones, the hunt was on.

Mr P explained the rules from the roof top and once the gates were opened there was no stopping them.  Even the unexpected hail storm didn’t dampen their cause, although it may have driven a few adults indoors in search of a hot drink and a bacon sandwich!

Each coloured stick was then exchanged for an Easter prize and with everyone (eventually) receiving an Easter Egg, a chocolate treat, a bag of sweets, a rice crispy cake and a chocolate lolly, the event drew to a close.

Thank you to all those who helped out on the day, braving the chilly wind, and well done to all those taking part.

Happy Easter from the PTA.