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Friday Maths

Good morning Year 3 (soon to be Year 4s!)

Please see attached the Friday maths video about Parallel and Perpendicular lines.

The Last Day of Y5! (and Y5 Home Learning…)

Hi Y5!

It’s here! Your final day of Y5. Do you remember me telling you on your first day with me how fast Y5 will go?

Here are the final videos from me. I filmed the Big Fat Quiz of Y5 last night. I hope you have fun with it! If you can, why not play along with the family and have a bit of a quiz night? 🙂

I’ve also attached the newsletter from Mrs Croft. I had nothing to do with who she has put as a lockdown superstar this week, but the photo she has found is very dashing 😉

I want to give a big shout out to every single one of you. We have all had very different situations to cope with, and we have still engaged with a lot of our Home Learning. Some of us have been in the Hub from the very start of lockdown, and a lot of us haven’t stepped foot near school since March. You have all been fantastic, and I’m gutted we didn’t have the Summer term together as I’m sure we would have had a brilliant time.

I want to give a big shout out to parents as well! Many of you have juggled working from home or even still working during the crisis, and I cannot thank you enough for ensuring your children were happy and safe whilst trying to do as much as the Home Learning as you could. Thank you.

Every single one of you are fabulous and can’t wait to see you all in September.

Mr Cooper

10.7.20 FRI

Y5 Newsletter WK6


Thursday Maths

Good morning Year 3!  Please see a video for today’s maths.

Sum2 wk6 – Thursday Home Learning videos


It’s the penultimate day of Y5 already 🙁

Keep an eye out for tomorrow’s Y5 quiz. More details and video tomorrow…

Here are your videos for today. The English has a little bit of advice for planning your letter if you haven’t yet started it.

9.7.20 THU

Sum2 wk6 – Wednesday Home Learning

Morning all!

It was lovely to talk to some of you and your family on the phone yesterday! It’s started to hit home that this is our last week together 🙁 I sorted through all our photos for your school reports, and there are so many funny memories 🙂

Anyway, here are today’s videos

Sum2 wk6 – Tuesday Home Learning

Morning all!

A busy day ahead today. I’m finalising reports, and ringing some of you today which is always a lovely job 🙂

Here are your videos to check your DO NOWs for maths and English.

7.7.20 TUE

Y4 Story Time

Hi Year 4,

Welcome to our last story time. It has been so lovely to continue to share stories with you, even though we are not together. I hope you have enjoyed listening to me (and sometimes, Alba). Here are the last 6 chapters of The Chocolate Factory Ghost – enjoy!

Chapter 32

Chapter 33

Chapter 34

Chapter 35

Chapter 36

Chapter 37

If you have enjoyed The Chocolate Factory Ghost, why not try some of the other books in this series? Follow this link:

The Dundoodle Mysteries



Sum2 wk6 Monday Home Learning videos

Morning everyone!

What a windy few days! I’m trying to remember the last time we had a June and July that was this mild and breezy…

Well, it’s actually here. Your final week of Y5. Do you remember what I said on your very first day? It is going to fly by. It certainly has!

Here are your videos for today. Your Wider Curriculum video where we reflect on your time time in Y5 will be uploaded later as it is going to be a video with myself AND Mrs Croft! I’m going to attempt to record the zoom and then upload it to my YouTube channel. Fingers crossed!

6.7.20 MON

*UPDATE* It worked! I managed to record a zoom with Mrs Croft and chat about our memories of Y5. It’s a bit long, whoops!

Stig of the Dump

Hi Year 3,

The next few chapters for you to enjoy.

I will upload the final instalment later this week as I was rudely interrupted during my last reading as you will hear on the tape!

Miss Ellis : )

Chapter 5

Chapter 5 part 2

Chapter 5 part 3

Chapter 6

Chapter 6 part 2

Chapter 6 part 3

Chapter 7

Sum2 wk6 – Home Learning


I completely forgot to upload the Home Learning on Friday, I’m so sorry!

Here is your final Home Learning as Y5s! As normal, your last week of school will be transition where you are all Y6s :0

This week, your DO NOWs on maths and English are from across the year, so the categories will change each day. The Wider Curriculum is all about reflecting on our time together in Y5. Please make sure you put aside some time to take a good look at that work this week as it is always one of the favourite times of year.

There might even be a few extra special videos for those lessons, so keep an eye out…

1. week 6 Sum 2 timetable

6.7.20 MON

7.7.20 TUE

8.7.20 WED

9.7.20 THU

10.7.20 FRI