It’s been an exciting half term so far for FS2! We kicked off our new topic ‘Superheroes’ by having a superhero dress up day on our first Wednesday back after the Christmas holidays! We all came dressed as our superhero alter egos and had a fantastic day! Here are some pictures of our FS2 heroes!

We have had lots of fun during this topic… We had a visit from the ‘Evil Pea’ who caused havoc and trapped our vegetables in the Wonder Cupboard!

But its okay! We made some Wanted posters and we saved them!

We’ve done some superhero maths using peas and potatoes…

We have been doing some super writing and made some wanted posters to catch the naughty Evil Pea!

We even designed our own Super vegetables to stop that naughty pea!


We have had a great time learning about Superheroes up to now and we are looking forward to learning about some ‘real life’ superheroes!