Morning FS2!

Miss Coupe here 🙂 I’m sat at my laptop looking out of my window at this beautiful weather, I hope you’re able to get out in your gardens and enjoy it too!

I was having a think of some different ways you could keep practising those words that we find tricky, or the ones we see all the time in our reading and Pinterest and Instagram had lots of ideas…

I really like this one, making your own hopscotch grid and filling it with sight words!

Get your grown-ups to write them and you brush them away, after reading them!


Make a car park for your toy cars…

For those of you who like a bit of football…

Put the words on to your twister mat if you have one!

There’s also a great idea where you write the words on empty bottles and then play bowling, reading the words that you have knocked down.


You could also write the words on pieces of paper and stick in different parts of your house or on doors and when you go in to that room you have to read them.


We have also placed them in our outdoor area before and then fired water at them using our water guns, reading the ones we hit!


All of the words you need to be practising we have sent in your home learning packs on these sheets,


but I have also attached this from Twinkl that has a range of different words that children will come across in their early reading.

Word Mat

Enjoy, and keep sending us pictures or emails updating us on what your are getting up to or any great stories that you have read that you want to share with the class 🙂

Please also email any of us if you have any questions.

Miss Coupe