Hi, FS2!

We have attached your week 1 suggested timetable and tasks for you to complete.

For each day, we have created a range of maths, reading, English and wider curriculum activities for you to choose from. Lots of the activities are based on things we have recently been learning!

The timetable may help you plan your day, and explains what you could do in each activity.

For maths, we have included some subtractions and additions as well as some shape and pattern work. In the pack there are also some ideas of how you could use your maths in your play!

English is lots of pictures for you to continue to practise your sentence writing or writing labels. We have included all of the sounds we have been learning in phonics and the pictures to help you remember how to form your letters – you could even teach your adults! Again, in your pack there are also ideas on how to do it in lots of fun ways as part of your play!

For Wider Curriculum we have included lots of ideas in the packs for you to do whilst at home and spending lots of time with your families. Don’t forget to also stay active – we have put links to Cosmic Kids Yoga and Jumpstart Jonny.

We have been so proud of you all during this year and especially during the past couple of days, you have been so calm and grown up during a bit of strange week! It just shows how far you have come since you started in September and what a credit you all are to your families. Please send us an email and photographs of what you are getting up to whilst away from school, if you provide permission in the email we will display some of the pictures and learning on this blog.

We can’t wait to see you soon, and remember, Good Friends Stick Together!

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Activity Ideas


Addition to 20

Subtraction from 20

Colour by number – Addition

2D Shape Word Mat

3D Shape Word Mat

Colour by 2D Shape

Repeating Patterns Shapes

Very Hungry Caterpillar Addition

Ordering to 20

Number Formation

Addition to 10






Set 1 sounds strips

SET 2 Flashcards

SET 1 Flashcards