For our Drop Every And Read afternoon in Foundation Stage we created our very own stories using story objects to give us some inspiration!  We were brilliant at using some very adventurous vocabulary!  Then we told our finished stories.  We hope you enjoy them!  Watch our Animoto and then read the stories below.

Thank you!

From the  Foundation Stage Children and Mrs Simpson



The Happy Explorer

Once upon a time there was a happy explorer called Rod.  He was very positive and he loved to explore.  He was very short and very thin.  One day the sun came out and Rod decided to explore.  He went to a creepy jungle and there was a monkey.  Rod was very brave.  There were coconut trees and he could hear snakes slithering on the ground, SSSSSSSssssssss!  Just at that minute he heard a lion roar!  Quickly it marched out of the bushes, so he took a photo then straightaway he jumped onto the lion’s back and rode away!




A Dangerous Adventure


Once upon a time there was an explorer called Max.  He was very handsome with peach coloured hair and he always wore a special green costume with a green hat so that he was camouflaged by the trees.  One day the sun was low in the sky.  It was light, bright and scorching hot.  Later that day he went deep into the forest to explore.  He took lots of pictures of tiny creatures using the zoom on his camera.  Quickly a fierce and scary tiger appeared so Max zoomed home but he took a photo before he left!  He had learnt that the forest was a dangerous and scary place.