We’ve had a fun packed half term down in FS2 this half term!

The children are now really settled in to life at Totley and are pro’s at the routines and knowing what is expected of them.

We started this half term learning about different celebrations – we talked about how we celebrate Bonfire Night with our families, Mrs Mather taught us about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, and we learnt about Diwali! It was then time to start learning about Christianity and how Christmas is celebrated.

We were assigned roles for our much anticipated performance of ‘The Nativity’ – costume letters were sent out and parents got busy creating some fantastic costumes for us to wear. We learnt lines, practiced songs and had multiple rehearsals in the hall! It all paid off in the end and the children were absolutely fabulous – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

We also had a wonderful afternoon with our parents who came in to take part in our Christmas celebrations – we did lots of crafts, had a dance and completed a treasure hunt!