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FS2 Home Learning Week 13

Hello everyone,

Can you believe we are on Week 13?!

This week seems to have flown by but it has been great to see all of the fantastic work you have been doing – you are all still showing those brilliant attitudes to your learning and although you might be feeling weary, you are still working hard and we are very close to our Summer holidays!

This weeks home learning will be the last week of learning that is sent from us as next week it will be planned by your new Year 1 teachers, Mrs Mather and Mr Flevill – they are very excited to meet you and see what you can do!EYFS - Little Stars Christian Preschool

This week we would like you to reflect on your time in FS2 and think about some of the things that you have enjoyed doing and new skills you have learnt. There are some templates you can draw on and write a sentence on but if you just want to have a discussion with your adults that is fine! If you wanted to, you could film yourselves talking about what you have enjoyed doing and what you hope to learn in Y1!

For wider curriculum time, we thought it would be a nice idea to make a time capsule of your lock down experience. There is a link to a print out you can use and we have put some ideas on the timetable of what you could include in your capsule! Those of us who are in school, we can also do one that can be buried somewhere on the field that we can dig up when you are all in Y6!

Keep in touch this week and send us some pictures of your capsules so we can see what you include in them!

Here is this weeks learning: WEEK 13

We want to say a huge WELL DONE for working so hard during this strange time and we are so proud of each and every single one of you! Keep up the hard work in Year One and show Mrs Mather and Flevill how great you are.

Miss Coupe, Mrs Llewellyn and Mrs Simpson xx

Virtual Sports Week – The Results!

Hi everybody,

Mr Flevill here! What an amazing effort from you all to make our ‘Virtual Sports Day’ a complete success. Well done to everybody who took part, every single point you earned made a difference in the final scores and there wasn’t much between the eventual winners and the 3 runner ups!

Thank you so much for all the videos, scorecards and pictures to help show how much fun you had. A big thank you to the teachers for their challenge videos and a huge well done to everybody who managed to beat their scores!


But, we all want to know who won. Watch the link and enjoy the video to find out …


FS2 Home Learning WEEK 12

Hello everyone!

We hope you enjoyed all the activities this week – we have loved seeing how you have engaged in our Sports Week activities too! Remember to send your score cards to us and any photos or videos you have made of what you have been doing!

Clipart exercise sports day, Clipart exercise sports day ...

We are going to carry on with our theme of pirates and islands this week, lets hope the sunshine comes back out!

We have put all of the learning resources in to one document to make it easier to print.

Here it is: WEEK 12

Have a lovely week and keep telling us what you get up to!

Miss Coupe, Mrs Llewellyn & Mrs Simpson xxx

Children’s Instructions Sports Week

Sports Day children’s instructions

Virtual Sports Week

Hi everybody,


The week commencing 22nd June would have been our school sports week. We would have completed many challenges throughout the week, had some extra PE lessons doing some unusual sports and competed for our house teams on sports day. Unfortunately, our plans have had to change, but we can still celebrate a week of sport at home or in our bubbles at school.

Attitudes to Sport

One of the projects you can have a go at, is to think about famous sports people from around the world and how they have demonstrated our attitudes to learning to help them succeed. Have a look at the PowerPoint presentation link below to help you create either a factfile, PowerPoint or a poster about a sports person.

Sports Week 


Virtual Sports Day

On Friday 26th June it would have been our Sports Day at Abbeydale. We have created a ‘Virtual Sports Day’ set of challenges for you all to have a go at to try and win the trophy for your house.

A big thanks to the Mrs Crookes for helping to set this up and to all the teachers who have filmed themselves completing the 7 challenges.

Can you beat the teacher to earn points for your team? 

-You get 5 points for trying each challenge

-You get a further 5 points if you many to beat the teacher’s score

You get 3 attempts at each event, record your best score on the sheet and send it in to your class teacher to forward to Mr Flevill.

Click here to download your Score Card


Challenge 1 – Throw, Catch, Clap

Challenge 2 – Speed Bounces

Challenge 3 – Over and Under

Challenge 4 – Egg & Spoon

Challenge 5 – Keep it Up

Challenge 6 – Move & Collect

Challenge 7 – Sock Goals


Click the links to watch the teachers attempt the challenge and have a go at beating them!

Good Luck!

FS2 Home Learning Week 11

Hello everyone,

Hope you have had a great week of learning. It has been lovely to see some of you back in school too – we have really missed you all!

Your artwork has been fantastic this week – we have loved receiving it and have even done some of our own!

Here is Mrs Llewellyn’s and Miss Coy’s pop art and Miss Coupe’s salt dough creation – it just needs painting, she’s thinking polka dots?

This coming week of learning is going to be based on pirates – this is always one of our favourite topics every year, mainly because we love a good dress up day!

(Mr Barnes takes his role of being a lobster very seriously!)

Here is this weeks timetable: WEEK 11

2. Numberblock images 1-20 MONDAY

3. Numberblocks poster example Monday

4. Pirate Boy Writing MONDAY

5. treasure chest net MONDAY

6. Pattern Play 5 – WEDNESDAY

7. Wanted Poster WEDNESDAY

8. Captains Log – Reading and illustrating

Have another great week of learning and we can’t wait to see what you get up to.

Miss Coupe, Mrs Llewellyn & Mrs Simpson xxx

FS2 Home Learning Week 10

Happy Friday everyone!

Shame about the weather this week but judging from your emails it hasn’t damped your spirits when it has come to your home learning!

Your peg superheroes have been amazing and it has been great to see how they have helped you with your maths!

We have also loved seeing your superheroes in their very own comic strips!

We are going to have a bit of an art week this coming week. Each afternoon we are going to look at a different artist and use their work to inspire our own!

We can’t wait to see what you create…

Here is this weeks timetable: WEEK 10 Timetable

Ordering Events MONDAY

Time Challenges TUESDAY

Day or Night WEDNESDAY

Salt Dough Recipe

Amazing Grace EBook

Amazing Grace Writing Prompt TUESDAY

Amazing Grace Writing Prompt WEDNESDAY

Barbara Hepworth Information

Andy Warhol Information

Michelle Reader Information

Lorien Stern Information

We can’t wait to see what you create – keep sending us pictures!

Some of us will be back in school this week so keep an eye out on the blog because we will share what we get up to and create at school!

As always, please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need any help or support.

Miss Coupe, Mrs Llewellyn & Mrs Simpson xxx

FS2 Home Learning Week 9

Hello children,

Or we should say, ‘Hello Superheroes!’ We have absolutely LOVED seeing all of your superhero creations and alter egos this week! Your ideas for your costumes, super powers and side kicks have been amazing! You have clearly thought very carefully about what it means to be a hero. You have all worked so hard and from your pictures we can see how much time you spent on your colouring, your neat handwriting and your carefully written sentences – well done everyone!

Here is this weeks timetable: WEEK 9 Timetable

These are the resources you will need:

Coding Game

Comic page in colour

Comic page template 1

Comic page templates

Comic speech bubbles

Wednesday Missing Numbers

Keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on, or as always, if you need any help with anything. We can’t wait to see where your learning takes you this week!

Fingers crossed the sunshine is going to return …

Miss Coupe, Mrs Llewellyn and Mrs Simpson xxx

FS2 Home Learning Week 8

Hi everyone!

Hope you and your families all had a lovely, relaxing half term and got to enjoy this beautiful weather! We would love to hear what you got up to during the half term holiday! Maybe you could draw us a picture, write a sentence or make a video to show us something you did?

For this weeks learning we are going to continue our theme of ‘Superheroes’…

This is this weeks timetable: WEEK 8 Timetable

Here are the resources you will need:

Monday Superhero Passport Writing Frame

Monday superhero outfit design

Tuesday Coin spotter strip

Tuesday Fireworks in a Glass

Wednesday waterpark map examples

Thursday Everyday hero Photos past and present

Have a wonderful week and as always, please get in touch with anything you want to share or need some extra help with!

We miss you lots,

Miss Coupe, Mrs Llewellyn and Mrs Simpson xxx

FS2 Home Learning Week 7

Happy Friday everyone!

Hope you have had a lovely week and have enjoyed your learning this week.

From your emails and Tweets it is clear you have been working hard as usual – your posters have been amazing – we can’t believe how far you have come in your writing and there has been some beautiful handwriting shared with us!

You clearly have all remembered your 2D shapes and their properties too – some brilliant shapes were made using lots of imaginative resources…

Here is this weeks timetable: WEEK 7 Timetable

This week we are going to look at ‘People who help us’

Here are the resources you will need!

Supertato Writing

People who help us

Subtraction Powerpoint

Superhero Subtractions

Technology all around us PowerPoint

Technology in the home challenges

Subtraction Colour by number

The children are doing brilliantly in their writing and it is clear that they are enjoying all that you are doing with them at home. Here is a document with some ideas on how you can support their writing at home and what to look for in their writing. Please remember, if they are not interested in doing the task that we have set, but are more interested in another form of mark making, this is fine!

Supporting your child with their writing

As always, please get in contact if there is anything we can help with and please send anything that you or your child are really proud of!

You are all doing an amazing job..

Keep safe and hopefully we will see you soon.

Miss Coupe, Mrs Llewellyn and Mrs Simpson xxx