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Monthly Archives: June 2018

Ahlberg’s fun day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

Written on June 29, 2018 at 4:33 pm, by

What an incredible school trip we had last Friday to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Not only did we have super weather, but the children were super, and the parent helpers too! Stephanie, who gave the children a special sculpture session, captivated the children from the beginning. They thought carefully about their questions and comments and  Continue Reading »

Year 4 Cadbury World

Written on June 29, 2018 at 8:02 am, by

Year 4 enjoyed a delicious day at Cadbury’s World last week.   Check out the clip below about our day.   It was great to year comments from the public and Cadbury staff alike about how polite all the children were.   “We went on an amazing, yummy trip to Cadbury’s World on Friday. Firstly,  Continue Reading »

Egyptian Shadufs

Written on June 28, 2018 at 3:24 pm, by

With the weather so amazing recently, Y5 took a stroll into the woods this morning to create our very own Egyptian shadufs. Shadufs were a way of collecting water from the Nile up the banks to the farmland, and they had a variety of structures.  We went down to the local stream, and created our  Continue Reading »

Our afternoon of chocolate fun!

Written on June 4, 2018 at 2:54 pm, by

Delicious, delightful, diverse- this afternoon, Year 4 gobbled 8 samples of different chocolate. You’d think that would be easy, but they were blindfolded! Because each person couldn’t see which chocolate they had, they came at it open-minded. Some chocolate was disappointing, although some were deliciously, mouthwateringly heavenly! We cast votes to share our favourites and  Continue Reading »