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Christmas Magic in FS2!

We’ve had a fun packed half term down in FS2 this half term!

The children are now really settled in to life at Totley and are pro’s at the routines and knowing what is expected of them.

We started this half term learning about different celebrations – we talked about how we celebrate Bonfire Night with our families, Mrs Mather taught us about the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival, and we learnt about Diwali! It was then time to start learning about Christianity and how Christmas is celebrated.

We were assigned roles for our much anticipated performance of ‘The Nativity’ – costume letters were sent out and parents got busy creating some fantastic costumes for us to wear. We learnt lines, practiced songs and had multiple rehearsals in the hall! It all paid off in the end and the children were absolutely fabulous – there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

We also had a wonderful afternoon with our parents who came in to take part in our Christmas celebrations – we did lots of crafts, had a dance and completed a treasure hunt!

Burbage House Update

Today all our old books were finally collected and began their long journey to Africa by the Books2Africa charity. Through our readathon we managed to raise a grand total of £335. This meant that we were able to donate 25 boxes of books which had a combined weigh of half a tonne! This really is an amazing achievement and we really are so grateful to all those who took part – you really have made a difference to the people who will receive our donation. Thanks Totley!

Curbar fundraising

On Wednesday, the Curbar house raised money for the ‘Thirst Project’ charity, which is helping to make clean and safe drinking water available to as many people as possible throughout the world. We held a Christmas jumper day and it was so nice to see the whole school looking so festive and bright. Some year 6 children even decided to hold a bun sale after school to try and raise even more funds for such a worthy cause.  Big thank you to all those who volunteered to give up their time to bake at home. The bake sale alone raised £160 but when combined with the money raised for wearing festive attire, Curbar has managed to raise £265. There is still chance to buy a raffle ticket before the draw is made in Friday’s Christmas service. Thanks again TPS

Curbar house captains and their head of house

Year 3’s Trip to Magna!

At the start of our Magnets and Forces topic we went on a school trip to Magna. The children (and the teachers) absolutely loved it! We learnt so much about Forces and Magnets but we were flabbergasted by the Air, Fire and Water rooms. Have a look at our video to see all the amazing activities we did!


Forces and Magnets

This half term Year 3 have been learning about Forces and Magnets and we have done so many fantastic experiments, investigations and artwork. The children have been predicting, carrying out fair tests and creating conclusions from their results. Magnets and Forces has been part of many lessons including our Topic, English, Maths and Guided Reading so we are all experts now!

Here are some fantastic pictures of our work this half term!

Igniting Creative Writing

For our most recent Creative Writing morning, there was a twist! The children were not given a theme as usual, but they picked what and how they wanted to write.

In FS2 and KS1, some children chose to design ‘Wanted’ posters, others got creative and made Top Trumps and others baked biscuits and wrote about who they would give theirs to!

KS2 started with an assembly in which children were shown 4 stimuli that were selected by different teachers. The children then went with the teacher who had also chosen that theme.

The children had a great morning of creativity and it was great to see them enjoying their writing in a way that they chose.

Here are some pictures of our day.


Remembrance at Totley Primary School

The whole school used art to think about World War One and learn about what Remembrance means.

Each class did a different style of art:

  • FS2 used their fine motor skills to create poppy wreaths. They baked and decorated Remembrance biscuits in our new cooking room
  • Year 1 used vegetables to make repeated printed patterns
  • Year 2 learnt about tone, shade and silhouettes
  • Year 3 made collagraph printing blocks
  • Year 4 created 3D forms and learnt about how World War One affected Totley and Sheffield
  • Year5 used sewing skills to create felt poppies and used a range of media and techniques to create abstract art to capture mood and atmosphere


Check out some pictures below of our work in progress. More to follow!

Autumn Days

Snapped this at playtime! Autumn days are upon us!

Flo, Safa, May and Olivia enjoying some down time between lessons at playtime.

Science Ambassador Training

Our ambassadors had the opportunity for a fun-filled, exciting science trip last week.

They did different experiments, as in self-inflating glove, non-newtonian slime, ecstatic butterflies and heavy words. There were loads more too!

They had to do presentations to the rest of the science ambassadors from other schools.

The ambassadors have lots of ideas for the coming year – such as science days and festivals.

Groovy Greek Soldiers!

This half term we have been learning all about the Ancient Greeks! We have learnt about when they were around, some famous ancient Greeks, how they lived their daily lives and some of the famous Greek myths! But we really enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greek armies and how under Alexander the Great, they created one of the world’s largest empires! We made our own shields, hoping to look as brave, powerful and great as Alexander himself!