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Happy Feet and Africa’s Gift

Yesterday, the whole school gathered to learn about what will happen to the hundreds of pairs of shoes that were donated earlier in the week on our Happy Feet day!

The charity Africa’s Gift supports largely rural communities in southern Africa (principally Lesotho, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Malawi) and Uganda, working closely with community members to effect change through the development of practical solutions to clearly identified needs. The shoes that were donated will either be cleaned, repaired and sold on at a heavily subsidised price to local market traders across Southern Africa (this enables local people to be able to afford to buy good quality footwear in a sustainable way), gifted to children who don’t have a pair of shoes that they need to attend school, or given to sports and community groups. Find out more about the charity here:

School Councilors helped to load up Ken’s van with the shoes.

Stanage Charity Dance-a-thon!

For Stanage’s charity (Bluebell Wood Hospice), the House Captains decided to do a sponsored Dance-a-thon as a whole school! Following Mr Cooper’s moves, the whole school took part in an hour-long dance for charity. It looked incredible dancing to artist including the Spice Girls, Elvis Presley and S Club 7!

Thank you to everyone who has already brought in sponsor money for the dance-a-thon. If you haven’t yet brought it in, feel free to bring it to the front office by next Monday, so we can announce a grand total next week!

PS don’t forget to guess the teachers in the ‘Totley Toddlers’ competition…

Y5 Mindfulness Day

After the events of Friday evening, Year 5 had a day to rest their minds, and reassure each other that we are ready to go again. We started the day with ‘3 Hellos’, followed by creating ‘Worry Wheels’, mindful colouring, a toilet roll competition, and a film. Obviously, none of this was possible without biscuits and popcorn…



Y5 London Trip!

Here are a selection of photos from an amazing trip to London. Everything from riding the Tube, to going up the Shard and a tour around the Houses of Parliament (we couldn’t take any photos inside there though, sorry!).

Sea Turtle Documentaries

To finish our Science question ‘What events take place in a Sea Turtle’s life cycle?’ we explored explanation texts in English, and created our own documentary in the style of Sir David Attenborough.

After watching clips of Blue Planet and reading explanation texts of different creatures, we looked at the features required to make it engaging and interesting for the audience. To watch our documentaries use a free QR scanner app, and it will play! (I’ve tried it, and it does work!)


Master Puppeteers!

Last half term, Year 3 learnt all about puppets, exploring all the different types of puppets, how they have been popular throughout history and to discovering what makes an amazing puppet show!

We learnt lots of different sewing techniques to create our own hand puppets and they were brilliant- (We also learnt how important it is to have patience when threading a needle!)

Learn Together event feedback

If you attended our Learn Together event, please complete this short feedback survey:

WER Robotics Taster Day

This Monday, KS2 had a fantastic day having small workshops exploring robotics! Each class had an hour exploring different tasks that they needed their robots to achieve. Dr Melissa Butt, who came to host the workshop, is the WER UK chairman, and brought in lots of equipment for us to use for the day.

It helped us think like an engineer and design tools to attach to motors as well as build a level of resilience. Some of our first, second or even sixth ideas didn’t work, but we all kept trying new ideas!

The robots used are part of an international competition for children called the WER (World Education Robotics). You may have seen children from Sheffield going to Shangai on the news just before Christmas, and we want to compete as well! For more information, please visit

The Digital Leaders are hoping to help towards the PTAs funding for these resources for school, and will be hosting a range of fundraising events through the week including a sponsored ‘Screen Time’, ‘Code the Teacher’ game on Wednesday and a non-uniform day on Friday.



Y6 encourage members of the public to ‘Choose Kind’

On Tuesday, the children took to the streets of Sheffield to campaign for people to spread the idea of choosing to be kind in an attempt to stop bullying.  This followed a couple of months of reading a book called Wonder which is about a boy who is bullied because he has a facial deformity. The children have really enjoyed this text, and it has made them think about the consequences of being unkind. We have done a lot of work and had discussions about what bullying is and its effects. The outcome of this was sharing their learning with members of the public in Sheffield City Centre by handing out leaflets that they had made and talking to members of the Sheffield community. It was fantastic to watch the children approaching people with confidence (even though some were a little nervous!) and having mature conversations. They really showed our school’s golden rules in abundance, especially the rule to be KIND and considerate. Well done, Y6, for making a difference!


If you go down to the woods today…

FS2 went on a brisk (and very wintery) walk to the woods today, in search of a bear!

We kicked off our new topic by reading Michael Rosen’s, ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and decided that we wanted to find our own bear…

We came in to school, wrapped up warm, wearing our wellies and set off in search of a bear. We travelled through long, wavy grass and LOTS of thick, squelchy mud – there were plenty of stiles to travel over too!

The children were amazing and sang, ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ all of the way! Sadly, no bears we’re discovered, however the morning was thoroughly enjoyed by all and we got a chance to explore in the woods, looking for bear clues and making some dens, just in case the bear should return…