Miss Bailey is our Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator (SENCO).  She has completed the following information which outlines our core offer with regards to SEN.

Our school philosophy is to help every child realise his or her true potential, socially and academically.  The school delivers a broad, full and balanced curriculum in an atmosphere where children feel valued, secure and happy.  We are committed to ensuring that children with special educational needs have the same opportunities as other pupils and we aim to meet individual needs to promote successful learning.

Inclusion within Totley Primary:

Our aim is that all children receive quality first teaching which maximizes progress.  We ensure that classroom activities are appropriately differentiated so that all children are involved, and that children have access to appropriate resources to support their learning and support is provided. Our team of TA’s, HLTA’s and teachers are trained in specific areas of SEN and can offer personalised learning program to meet individual need.

Identifying learners with SEN:

All children are carefully tracked to ensure that they make sufficient progress for their age and capability.  We meet on a termly basis to discuss the children and this is an opportunity to highlight any difficulties that any child is having that may be impacting on their academic or social development.  Where issues are identified, an action plan between the school and the parent/carer is created and the class teacher is given advice on how best to support the development of the child.  This is reviewed after a six week period.  If at this point the child is still not progressing, we seek advice from external support services and the child will move to school action.  Once the assessments have been completed and support has been received from the outside agencies, the child will then move to School Action Plus. This means that they will now have an individual educational plan (IEP), which will have guidelines on how to meet the child’s needs within school.  This may be achieved through the use of interventions and adapted timetable if necessary.  The progress of children on School Action Plus is monitored on a half termly basis with a hope that the intervention will have a positive impact and children will move down to school action.  For children that have more acute needs, the school would apply for an Educational Health Plan and would receive more support from outside agencies.  When identifying the needs of our SEN learners, we aim to ensure that the child has an input into the support they receive and that they can see the impact of our interventions.

What the school can offer:

Our school offers a nurturing ethos in which all children are appropriately challenged in order to reach their true potential.  We strive to ensure that our children are happy and able to enjoy a wide curriculum which includes both social and academic learning, as well as promoting learning in the outdoor environment.  The school setting is on one level and is wheelchair accessible throughout.  We also have disabled facilities within the school.

Our school has expertise in dealing with children with social and emotional difficulties.  This includes staffing expertise and strategies to ensure that we offer a curriculum which is achievable and personalised according to particular need.

We also have a speech and language specialist within school who aims to develop children’s understanding of language and communication.

Under the Mercia Learning Trust, we have established close links with the SEN team at King Egbert’s and are working together to develop a consistent SEN approach across the trust.  .


The school offers a range of interventions:

Social Stories: The aim of these is to teach children how to make friends and follow social norms when playing with other children.

Emotional Development: This focuses on using the five point scale in order to develop children’s emotional literacy. It aims to enable children to express their feeling and allow them to understand different emotions.

Speech and Communication:

We work with the NHS to develop speech and language programmes that are then run in school by our speech and language TA.  She runs a range of speech programmes including VIP, NIP and Leap.  These aim to develop children’s understanding of language and pronunciation of specific sounds.

In Literacy:

Rainbow Readers: This is a reading intervention which aims to develop children’s word recognition and comprehension skills.  This runs throughout all key stages and is run by teaching assistants.

Write Away Together: This is a 1:1 writing programme and can be run by a teacher or teaching assistant.  It aims to help the child develop sentences structure and understanding of language techniques.  The child is supported and involved with the planning process and what they feel their strengths and weaknesses are.

In Maths:

NUMICON: Is a mathematical intervention that uses practical resources to develop mathematical concepts for children.  All staff in school have received training on how to use NUMICON in school and we have also trained other schools within the locality due to the expertise of our staff.

Number Box: Is a mathematical intervention that uses practical resources to support the basic principles of calculation. This is predominantly used in KS1 and lower KS2.

All these interventions run within school but this is not an exhaustive list and interventions will be tailored to each individual need as and when they appear.

Involving Parents:

At Totley we feel that parental involvement is crucial in order for children to make progress and be happy.  We hold termly review meetings in which parents of SEN children are invited to discuss the progress of their child and the next key steps in their learning, as well as more informal meetings such as coffee mornings.  At these meetings there is an opportunity to include other agencies and seek specialist advice.  We also offer an open door policy and encourage a supportive relationship between our parents and teachers.


In ensuring the well-being of our children, we use a child centred approach to make sure that what we do is for the benefit and happiness of the children and families within our care.

All our children follow the Golden Rules which encourage children to be supportive to one and other. Our ethos is inclusive and our children are aware of how to support children that have additional educational needs.  Integration into school life is key and all children are happy to play and work together. Our SEN children make good progress and leave Totley knowing that they have achieved their desired outcomes.