Totley Primary School Mission Statement for PE and sport.

 At Totley Primary we aim to instil a passion for PE and sports. We feel that it is important to encourage a healthy lifestyle, and strive to do this by engaging children in a range of sporting experiences, with high quality PE teaching. As PE and sport enhance physical ability, confidence and self-esteem, we aim to develop each child to fulfil their potential by providing them with the required knowledge and skills, and giving them the opportunity to compete internally, and with other schools.

Our school provides a minimum of 2 hours of PE every week, as well as a wide variety of lunch-time and after school clubs which increase pupil participation in sporting activities, here are other examples of how physical activity is encouraged:

–          Each play and lunch-time, KS1 and KS2 have a ‘Smooga’ in which football is played
–          A supervised climbing wall and outdoor table tennis table are available for KS2 children during lunchtimes
–          Age appropriate sporting equipment is available to all children during lunch-times, for example: rugby balls, basketballs, a tennis net and equipment, and cricket equipment,
–          A trim trail
–          Year 6 playground leaders initiate sports and games with the Foundation, KS1, and KS2 children at lunch-times. Here are their ‘key aims’ (as suggested by our Playground Leader team):

  • “Keeping children fit
  • Getting mixed ages playing together at lunch-times
  • Getting to know each other better through sport
  • Showing that sports are fun
  • Teaching children that you have to try new sports and you may get into them”

Competitive Opportunities 

We offer many opportunities for children to compete within school, and with other schools in varied sports, especially during KS2. Examples of these include:

Network Festivals (for KS1 and KS2)
Y5/Y6 Athletics trials (in school) and Outdoor Athletics (inter school)
Y3/4/5/6 Gymnastics competition (trained through PE lessons and our extra-curricular gymnastics club)
Y5 Cricket competition (with other Sheffield schools)
Y4 Rugby Competition
KS2 Swimming Gala
SFSS Football League (Y6)

Look out for our blogs to see how the children get on!

The Lant Trophy!

Through-out the year, we run a football tournament. This includes every child in KS2 who wishes to take part. During an exciting ‘silent auction’, year 6 team captains bid for players which make up their team for the year (with a spread of all KS2 year groups, male and female). One or two matches are then played weekly, at lunch-time, through-out the year.

Extra Curricular Activities

We have a range of extra curricular activities taking place most evenings.  Please see below for the latest timetable of activities:

Spring 2015 extra curricular clubs overview

Physical Education:

Raising standards of all our children in Physical education

Aim: Percentage achieving age related expectation to increase

Summer 2014: 88% achieved age related expectations                  2015: 91% achieving age related expectations


Objective Why did we need it? How did we do it? What did it cost?  
To increase staff subject knowledge and confidence in teaching PE Staff audit identified inconsistencies in confidence levels and self-assessed subject knowledge

Lesson observations from previous years identified a gap in some teachers subject knowledge

To improve the quality of PE delivery

Staff audit average score beginning


Employed specialist coaches for teachers to observe, and deliver lessons

Bought resources of schemes of work

PE Coordinator CPD

Staff CPD

£800 – Rugby coaches Y3-6

£450 – Netball and Basketball coach

£1080 – Dance coach Y2,3,4,5

£250 – Chance2shine Cricket Y3 and 5

£50 – PE coordinator CPD

To improve dance teaching delivery Staff identified that dance was an area for development (staff audit) Employed a professional dancer and coach to deliver lessons and provide CPD for staff £1080  
  What are the outcomes?

Staff audit average score beginning

Teachers feel more confident in teaching dance and have a model to deliver dance from next year


Who benefitted and how?

Teachers – training in delivering dance

Children – experiencing dance teaching and performing to parents

Parents – to watch the dance performances

What are the next steps?

To ensure there is a selected scheme of work in place for FS2, KS1, and KS2 to deliver dance


Healthy Active Lifestyles:

Ensuring all of our children have access to regular exercise

Aim: Increase percentage of children accessing extra-curricular physical activity in school.

Summer 2014: 60%                                                                                          2015: 78%

Objective Why did we need it? How did we do it? What did it cost?
Provide a broader range of extra- curricular clubs To increase opportunities and choice so that an increased number uptake extra-curricular clubs and exercise Employ further coaches to deliver extra-curricular clubs (badminton and Girls football)

Subsidising badminton club

£15 per week
Target disadvantaged children to access and extra-curricular club Percentage of disadvantaged children participating in an extra-curricular club is lower than the rest of the school average Subsidising one club per term

Communication with parents and parents evening

Letters to parents


Approx £175

Badminton club £75

Half term of clubs per child approx. £22 per child

Develop links with community sports clubs To encourage out of school physical activity Links with Collegiate Cricket club and encouragement of sport through delivery in PE lessons

Links with Abbeydale badminton club and encouragement of sport through badminton club

Sending home communication for various sporting clubs that we have links with

  What are the outcomes? Who benefitted and how? What are the next steps?
Increased number of children access extra-curricular clubs Children who are accessing clubs Continue to offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs.
Increased percentage of children participating in extra-curricular physical activity Children who are accessing clubs Increase the range of sports provision in extra-curricular clubs next year.

Strengthen links with varied out of school sport providers to give information about these clubs to children.


Competitive School Sport:

Increasing pupils’ participation in inter and intra school competitive sport

Aim: To increase the percentage of children participating in competitive sport:

Summer 2014:   65%                        2015: 95% (predominantly intra-school in FS2 and KS1)

Objective Why did we need it? How did we do it? What did it cost?
Broaden sports children experience  in school To enable them to be at a standard where they could compete in intra and inter school competition Delivered PE and sports lessons for which there are opportunities for competitions

Broaden range of sports in extra-curricular clubs

Sports coaches

£800 – Rugby coaches Y3-6

£450 – Netball and Basketball coach

£1080 – Dance coach Y2,3,4,5

£250 – Chance2shine Cricket Y3 and 5

Subsidising badminton club £75

Increase amount of participation in inter school competitive sport To enable a higher percentage of children to participate in competitive Signing up to varied inter school competitions for a wider range of year groups Approx £600

£300 Points Network Games Y4

£163 Coach

£130 Swimming pool hire and transport – Gala

£20 Mileage for transport to competitions

Increase extra-curricular opportunities for intra school competition For more children to experience competition to increase confidence and skills Ensure extra-curricular clubs provide opportunity for competitive play Badminton £75
Improve links with local schools To widen opportunities for interschool competition for all year groups Instigating correspondence with the local schools None
  What are the outcomes? Who benefitted and how? What are the next steps?
  Children at a high enough standard to be able to compete in inter school competitions Badminton players

Y5 Cricket

Y4-6 Swimming gala

Y6 Girls Football

Continue to deliver coach led sessions leading to inter and intra school competition.
  Higher percentage of children competing in inter school competitive sport High majority of children who have participated in inter or intra school competition Continue to enter inter and intra school competitions.
  Extra-curricular clubs providing opportunities to compete between children Children accessing extra-curricular physical clubs, training for competitions Continue to provide extra-curricular clubs which lead to inter-school competitions.