Miss Coupe is our Foundation Stage 2 leader and along with Mrs Llewellyn, Mrs Simpson, Miss Coggle, Mrs Compton and Miss Deakin, ensure our children have a good transition into school.  We work hard to ensure transition into school is smooth and effective. Parents are contacted shortly after receiving confirmation of their child’s place and the transition programme is shared. This programme includes home visits, time spent with the child and key workers at their pre-school setting and a series of visits into school increasing to full days. We feel this provides opportunities for not only the child but also their family to familiarise themselves with school and in particular, Foundation Stage provision. A detailed parent information session provides important information on school policies, practices and procedures and parents are given the opportunity to ask questions of the school. It also allows an opportunity for parents to provide us with specific information on their child and begin to build positive relationships between home and school.

Like all primary schools we follow the EYFS curriculum and monitor the progress and attainment of all children against the ‘ages and stages’ closely. High quality teaching within the Foundation Stage nurtures engages and motivates all children. Full use is made of both the indoor and outdoor environments which are used to ensure achievement across all areas of the EYFS Curriculum and that high proportions of pupils achieve a Good Level of Development. Children are encouraged to be independent in their learning through focused activities and are highly motivated. They consistently demonstrate positive attitudes to learning and are challenged to use their imagination through a range of stimulating activities. Positive behaviours based on mutual respect are reinforced and children learn quickly how to keep themselves safe. Parents are wholeheartedly supportive and take an active role in their child’s education. They are encouraged contribute to their child’s assessments and are able to feed back on their child’s learning through regular opportunities to view children’s learning journey books.

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