At Totley Primary School we are passionate about children achieving their full potential in all areas of the curriculum.  Differentiated lessons are delivered in line with children’s individual targets in order for every child to make progress. Reading is taught from Foundation Stage through to Y6 through individual and guided reading and daily phonics lessons are delivered in KS1 and FS2.

Over the past year, we have developed our wider curriculum around a learning challenge concept which is enquiry based and cross-curricular. This concept is child centred and at its core, develops children’s enquiry skills, allowing maximum learner involvement in a wider curriculum which is tailored to their interests, whilst at the same time promoting high standards in all subjects. Underpinning the curriculum are woven the critical elements of knowledge, creativity and fun with teaching and learning, enquiry and assessment, providing a tailor-made, differentiated curriculum which meets the needs of all the children in the classroom.

Each class investigates at least 6 topics a year, leading with a big question and finishing with an outcome, which can range from drama to trips, cooking to ICT. The topics are cross-curricular, incorporating as many different subjects as is possible, but there is a strong emphasis on embedding the basic skills of reading, writing and maths and incorporating outdoor learning wherever possible.

During each, we try and include a hook; a ‘WOW’ moment that the children remember. This may take the form of a visit, a visitor coming into school to facilitate an activity or dedicated days to focus on one particular element of the topic (i.e. Egyptian day). We do try to take into consideration the costs of activities and aim to use local places of interest and people as much as possible.

Children from FS2 are encouraged to complete a learning journey; a record of their learning towards answering their class big question. In every classroom there is a learning journey wall, which clearly shows the learning that is taking place within the wider curriculum and children can refer to this to further enhance their learning. Within these books (or floor books in FS2) a range of learning questions and answers are evidenced with work, photos and observations of children and there should be a clear coverage of a range of subjects within the topic.

PSHE and SRE are taught throughout school and there is a comprehensive scheme of work in place. The emphasis is on building good relationships and respecting each other.

R.E is generally taught separately and is taught according to the Sheffield Agreed Syllabus which covers national requirements. This includes 51% Christianity and the remainder looks at a range of different religions.

Children are taught PE twice weekly and learn a range of skills and games. On occasion, delivery of PE is from an outside coach which provides children with a taster of a variety of sports. After school and lunchtime activities enrich our curriculum and there are a large number of sports and activities to try.  We also participate in cross-city competitions against other schools.  Children are encouraged to participate in these as much as possible and learn about healthy lifestyles as part of the PE curriculum. Swimming is taught in Y4 and children work towards achieving their National Curriculum level in this sport over a period of 18 weeks.