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VE Day celebrations in Y6

As the culmination of their learning about World War Two, Year 6 prepared and enjoyed a VE Day celebration.

News broke with an announcement from the BBC, which cut to the celebrations on the streets of Sheffield. There was dancing, singing and eating to enjoy. Winston Churchill made an appearance from the balcony of the Ministry for Health and gave a rousing speech to the assembled crowds.

Thank you to everyone who took part. The children dressed to impress and performed fantastically.

Check out this video of the dance too!

Y6 encourage members of the public to ‘Choose Kind’

On Tuesday, the children took to the streets of Sheffield to campaign for people to spread the idea of choosing to be kind in an attempt to stop bullying.  This followed a couple of months of reading a book called Wonder which is about a boy who is bullied because he has a facial deformity. The children have really enjoyed this text, and it has made them think about the consequences of being unkind. We have done a lot of work and had discussions about what bullying is and its effects. The outcome of this was sharing their learning with members of the public in Sheffield City Centre by handing out leaflets that they had made and talking to members of the Sheffield community. It was fantastic to watch the children approaching people with confidence (even though some were a little nervous!) and having mature conversations. They really showed our school’s golden rules in abundance, especially the rule to be KIND and considerate. Well done, Y6, for making a difference!


Burbage House Update

Today all our old books were finally collected and began their long journey to Africa by the Books2Africa charity. Through our readathon we managed to raise a grand total of £335. This meant that we were able to donate 25 boxes of books which had a combined weigh of half a tonne! This really is an amazing achievement and we really are so grateful to all those who took part – you really have made a difference to the people who will receive our donation. Thanks Totley!

Curbar fundraising

On Wednesday, the Curbar house raised money for the ‘Thirst Project’ charity, which is helping to make clean and safe drinking water available to as many people as possible throughout the world. We held a Christmas jumper day and it was so nice to see the whole school looking so festive and bright. Some year 6 children even decided to hold a bun sale after school to try and raise even more funds for such a worthy cause.  Big thank you to all those who volunteered to give up their time to bake at home. The bake sale alone raised £160 but when combined with the money raised for wearing festive attire, Curbar has managed to raise £265. There is still chance to buy a raffle ticket before the draw is made in Friday’s Christmas service. Thanks again TPS

Curbar house captains and their head of house

Year 3 and Year 6 French Remembrance

In Year 3, we read a poem in French and listened for words we could understand and translate.

In Year 6, children we wrote some sentences imagining we were soldiers in World War 1. We created cornflowers (one of the flowers of Remembrance in France). 


Swing low, sweet chariot

This half term Y6 have been learning the rules and techniques of tag rugby. We have perfected the art of carrying the ball, how to twist and weave away from dangerous defenders, how to move effectively as a team and how to outwit our opponents. We are expecting to receive a call from England head coach, Eddie Jones at anytime 🙂


Year 6 Super Survival

Today, Year 6 were taken blindfolded into the Peak District. Using the skills they learnt throughout our Island Survival topic, they had to make their way safely back to school using navigation and map reading skills. Along the way, there were a series of challenges: shelter building, the universal edibility test, signalling and helicopter landing site, cleaning water, camouflage, identifying where on the map they were and first aid.

All children returned safely back to school without any injuries! Children navigated and walked at least 5.5 miles across open countryside. They used their 6-figure grid reference skills and compasses bearings to plot out a route. They took turns to lead the group and used known landmarks to navigate.

“When we were doing one of the survival challenges, we were checking it was safe Mrs Rodgers had suddenly ‘fallen ill’ and we had to do first aid. Someone said  there were only a few nettles. Mrs Rodgers burst out laughing!” Erin.

“It was such a good week because it was my first time going to the Peak District and it looks amazing!” Rehan.

“Oli became our tour guide on the way back to school.” Isobel.

“When we needed to camouflage ourselves, we smeared mud on our faces.” Elodie.

“I now know how to make sure food in safe.” Connie. “Contact, put it on your tongue for 15 minutes, then chew it for fifteen minutes and finally swallow.” Veanna. “You wait 8 hours before you see if there is any sign of illness.” Erin.




Check out the photo montage from our trip to Thornbridge!


Science ambassadors’ day out!

We went to SHU as part of our science ambassador role.

We talked to other schools about what we have been doing in science this year. We showed them our swimming raisins experiment.

In the afternoon we extracted DNA from a strawberry in the STEM lab.

We had an amazing day.

Click here to watch our animoto.

Y6 enjoy the sunshine

It was a beautiful day on Friday, so we took the opportunity to do some outdoor learning! First, we used our known facts to find missing angles of overlapping masking tape. Later, we had a grammar treasure hunt!