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Victorian Great Exhibition

To finish our Victorian topic, and answer the question of ‘Victorians: Dark Ages or Golden Era’, we hosted our very own Great Exhibition. Throughout the week, we designed and created our own exhibits in groups of 3. There was absolutely no help from Mr Cooper other than providing us with paper and cardboard. It was completely up to us!

The Exhibition included exhibits such as ‘Workhouses’, ‘Brunel’s Extreme Engineering’, and ‘Suffragettes’ as well as many more!

We opened our doors to the local community, and invited them to learn more about the Victorian era. We want to say thank you to everyone who attended the Exhibition, and asked us so many interesting questions.

What’s your opinion? Was the Victorian period a ‘Dark Age’ or ‘Golden Era’?

Year 5 Spelling Bee

The end of the half term only means one thing in Year 5…

A Spelling Bee!

The competition was competitive, but full of sportsmanship. All the words from Year 5 weekly tests had a chance of appearing!

After rounds of heartbreak and celebration, Froggatt beat last terms winners in the final! Congratulations!

Safer Internet Day: Consent

Linking to Safer Internet Day 2019, Year 5 discussed what is meant by consent for both the online and offline world.

We had different scenarios and examples of asking for consent including stroking a dog, sharing photos, and allowing apps to use your location. Each one brought up interesting questions and thoughts that showed that our technology has both positive and negative sides.

The most concerning area of ‘consent’  for us was the use of cookies whilst browsing the internet and AI devices -such as Alexa-which listens for certain words to be used, and collects audio data.

Old Victorian Classroom Trip

Tree Planting!

Year 5 children helped plant trees around the school site today. They helped to dig, fill, bash and drill.

Wake & Shake: Elton John

This week, we focused on one of the UK’s most celebrated and award winning artists, Elton John, and realised that he sound has changed from a rocky, upbeat sound to slower, heartfelt songs. All of them include the iconic piano sound!

Artist: Elton John

Songs: I’m Still Standing, Saturday Night’s Alright, Candle in the Wind (reading lesson), Crocodile Rock, Tiny Dancer, Your Song, I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues, Rocket Man, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart

Exploring Space

Last week, we used a Playstation 4 game called ‘No Man’s Sky’ to help us experience what it would be like to fly through Space, explore undiscovered planets, and even fly at light speed! Thinking about all our senses, we described flying through an asteroid belt as well as our emotions for the build up to pressing the light speed button…

Along with this, we also explored the surface of Mars to realise that there are vast canyons across the planet. Year 5 looked at the missions that the Mars Rovers have done and how they drill and collect soil samples. To take our own samples, we erupted an ancient volcano multiple times, then decided where we should drill. Check out our soil sample!

Can you work out how many times this volcano erupted?

Year 5 Wake & Shake

Each week, Year 5 start their day by listening to a song by a certain artist and having a dance! The artist will change every week to help explore a range of music and eras. We have also started looking at the lyrics of a song during reading lessons to support our inference skills.

Here are the first few weeks of artists and songs we have listened to:

Elvis Presley – Blue Suade Shoes, Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, Viva Las Vegas, All Shook Up

Jackson 5 – ABC, I Want You Back, I’ll Be There, Who’s Lovin’ You

Blondie – Heart of Glass, Call Me, One Way or Another, Maria

Come back to Y5s page to see more each week!

Sun, Earth and Moon

To help our understanding of the Solar System, we have started by staying relatively close to home. We have explored different scientists’ theories through history, and whether they were geocentric or heliocentric ideas.

Then, we have created Sun, Earth and Moon models to show how they move in relation to each other, but the most fun we have had so far was on Thursday when Mr C brought in lots of Jaffa Cakes! This helped us understand how the phases of the Moon are created, and help us remember each phases name. We also used a ping pong ball and light to see the phases change right before our eyes!

Egyptian Shadufs

With the weather so amazing recently, Y5 took a stroll into the woods this morning to create our very own Egyptian shadufs.

Shadufs were a way of collecting water from the Nile up the banks to the farmland, and they had a variety of structures.  We went down to the local stream, and created our own shadufs by the bank using only natural resources (and some string from the classroom!). In teams, a structure was made, and counter balances were also added by using appropriate sized rocks. Check out the incredible finished shadufs!

For all the photos and shadufs, visit our class blog