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Virtual Velodrome

This afternoon, Y5 had a go at a ‘Virtual Velodrome’ with each child having a chance to cycle a flying lap and post the best time possible!

Everyone managed to cross the line in under 30 seconds, well done!

For more details and photos, visit the Y5 class blog

Science Week

Last week, Y5 had an amazing visit from a scientist who came along with a working 3D printer!

It was fantastic to see it in action and the children even had a chance to draw their own 3D shapes using 3D printing pens.

As well as this, we had a visit from a group of Sheffield Hallam University students. They split us into two groups and did lots of exciting activities around global warming and volcanoes. The children loved it so much, they all left comments for the students on the blog.

For details and photos, visit our individual class blog  

Mrs Beeton’s Victorian Masterchef

Yesterday, the Year 5s learnt all about Mrs Beeton and her influence on Victorian cooking. We looked at what it meant for ingredients to be seasonal and had a go at cooking our own varieties of Mrs Beeton’s vegetable stew.

Check out our class blog for all the photos and more details!

Y5 Victorian School Trip

Here are some photos from our amazing day at The Old Classroom in Barnsley.

Miss Sharpe was there to greet us and we were transformed into children from 1883. The names and family backgrounds were all of real people; it felt as if we were helping them come to life!

We experienced a lesson at wooden desk and children were told off for telling tales. Someone had their fingers clamped for being a ‘fidget’!

Y5 Victorian Christmas Crafts

A huge thank you to all the parents in Y5 who donated toilet rolls for crackers and foliage for wreaths, it helped make yesterday’s Victorian craft making fantastic! We made wreaths, cards, crackers and more!

Another huge thank you to anyone who was able to come during the day. It was lovely to see children and parents making things together at Christmas. Here are some of the photos, please visit our class blog to see more.

Merry Christmas!

Workhouse Letters of Complaint

The sinning little children in Year 5 think that they are too good for the workhouse! They think they deserve better food, more respect and warmer clothes.

Thinking about coordinating and subordinating conjunctions, adverbial openings, subordinate clauses and how to PEE, the children have written letters of complaint.

To read our work, visit our own class blog


Last week was a very busy week in Year 5. We had a Remembrance morning, a class trip, a Y5/Y2 Space Cadet buddy morning and we hit 3,000 views around the world!

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Martian Volcanoes

Yesterday, we explored how and why scientists take samples of Mars. We recreated volcano eruptions and took samples using an empty pen to discover all the different layers!

Have a look on our class blog 

Solar System

We have really got our teeth into our Space topic this week and taken a closer look at out Solar System.

We showed the distances between planets using tissue paper, used a parachute to understand gravitational pulls and created a pocket sized Solar System!

Check it out on our class blog by clicking the image below:

Welcome to Year Blackman class


If you’re looking for everything Year 5 are getting up to this year, we have decided to design and create our own blog! It includes hashtags to different types of work and shows which countries around the world have viewed it.

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