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Year 4 Cadbury World

Year 4 enjoyed a delicious day at Cadbury’s World last week.


Check out the clip below about our day.


It was great to year comments from the public and Cadbury staff alike about how polite all the children were.


“We went on an amazing, yummy trip to Cadbury’s World on Friday. Firstly, we visited an Aztec pathway and found out that in the Aztec times, 1 pumpkin would cost 2 cocoa beans, 1 rabbit would cost 10 cocoa beans and 1 slave would cost 100 cocoa beans. I loved it when we got a pot of milk chocolate (it was melted) and we chose up to 2 fillings to mix in. I chose popping candy and Crunchie to put in my pot. It was delicious!” Alice.

Our afternoon of chocolate fun!

Delicious, delightful, diverse- this afternoon, Year 4 gobbled 8 samples of different chocolate. You’d think that would be easy, but they were blindfolded! Because each person couldn’t see which chocolate they had, they came at it open-minded. Some chocolate was disappointing, although some were deliciously, mouthwateringly heavenly!

We cast votes to share our favourites and used the data to create bar charts.


This website update was brought to you by Year 4 children 🙂

Slaves for sale!

Children in Year 4 became slaves this afternoon! Yesterday, we held a slave auction, where children were sold into slavery. They were given roles according to their skills. Children became nannies, book-keepers, butlers (they served the teachers cups of tea and biscuits!), field slaves, house keepers and tea boys. Children realised some jobs as a slave were better than others!

Kingswood 2018

Here are a few pictures from our weekend at Kingswood! More to follow in the coming days….

Year 4 become surgeons

Today, Year 4 had the brilliant experience of dissection.

Melissa, who runs our STEM Club each week, taught children how to identify the organs and their uses.

We explored the ins and outs (quite literally) of lungs, hearts and livers.

Check out the video montage of our lesson. Be warned, it’s not for the squeamish!

Checking the weather

This afternoon, we used the techniques we learnt on Friday to monitor the weather.

I didn’t think we’d really need to be measuring the depth of the snow at this time of year…

Dylan made an octograph to measure cloud cover.

We made cloud charts to identify the types of cloud overhead.

An anemometer is used to measure wind speed.

It was about 7-8 knots this afternoon.

We had cloud cover of around 3/8.

Year 4 weekly update

Exciting, ship-shape, snowy- why don’t you have a look at what we’ve been up to this week?

We have been building Tudor houses, with all the features that we’ve learnt.

Firstly, we cut out the net of each part of the building. After that, there was a lot of gluing and folding involved. Finally, we made our houses and added beams, windows, chimneys, roof tiles, dates and extra details.

I’m sure you’ll agree we’ve built some amazing houses!


Manor Lodge

On Friday, Year 4 visited manor Lodge.

It was a brilliant day of learning- we met Bess of Hardwick, dressed as rich and poor Tudors, learnt about what they ate, how to treat illnesses like a true Tudor and had a go at writing with a quill!

Children made a pomander to keep away the plague, created inventories of rich and poor houses and did a brilliant job of showing off their knowledge to our teachers, Rachael and Mrs Rogers.


Check out the Animoto of our day below:

Livi and Alice- How did Henry VIII get up in the morning?

Check out this shjort gude on how Henry VIII got up each morning. It’s got all the essential details, in case you ever find yourself promoted to monarch.

Flo, Scarlett and Anila- how does Henry VIII get up in the morning?

Flo, Scarlett and Anila have made this ace documentary about Henry VIII’s morning routine. It’s a little preview to the longer documentary we will make as our outcome for the topic!


Click the link below to see for yourself: