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Tree Planting

Yesterday, members of Year 3 Kipling helped to plant trees around the school site.

Children dug holes, tickled out the roots (technical term), used a post basher to dig in support poles and fed their tree with nutrient-rich compost.

Check out the pictures below! Despite the poor weather, everyone got their hands dirty to help improve our school environment.

Year 3 and Year 6 French Remembrance

In Year 3, we read a poem in French and listened for words we could understand and translate.

In Year 6, children we wrote some sentences imagining we were soldiers in World War 1. We created cornflowers (one of the flowers of Remembrance in France). 



In Year 3 we have been looking at the different parts of plants and what special job each part has. Then we looked more closely at the flower. We worked in partners to carefully dissect a flower. We worked out the names of all the different parts and what important job each part of the flower does. We also talked about why bees are so important! It was a good job we had an expert in the class who could help us out with all our questions…thanks Sam T!

We have now started an experiment to find out what plants need to in order to grow well. When we find out, we will be having a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower!

Weston Park Trip Y3

The day we built a village…

Y3 MFL update

The Y3 children have been learning the basics of German with their teacher, Frau Griggs.

Rhymes and puppets are very useful in helping us to remember the new words and how to say them!

The Ancient Greeks

So we have come to the end of our wonderful topic all about the Ancient Greeks. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have, especially eating all of the wonderful Greek food! So it’s time to take off your togas, sit back and enjoy watching another of our fantastic learning journeys. Just click the link – Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greeks!

What would Tottinglee be like?

In Year Three we have come to the end of our Anglo-Saxon era!

We have become true historians, researching the past and finding out what life was like in Anglo-Saxon times. We even became Saxons ourselves at our Saxon sleepover. All of the teachers were exhausted and are obviously far too old, as we really struggled to stay awake until 3 am like some of the children!

We hope you enjoy our slide show where you will see for yourselves just how much we have enjoyed this topic.

Thanks Year Three!

Step back in time to 449!

Can you pull all the right strings to become a master puppeteer?

In Year Three we have reached the end of our ‘Puppets’ learning journey; please watch the Animoto below and so you can see everything we have been up to. We have seen some incredible projects from home, including puppet shows, puppets, puppet theatres and play scripts. These have positively impacted upon the children’s enthusiasm for this topic, as you will see in the pictures. The children’s creativity, imagination and determination is clear to see! Well done to all of you!

Puppets – Our Learning Journey

Year 3’s Stone Age Museum

Year 3 started the year with a topic all about Early Britons. We had great fun becoming Archaeologists, Cave Painters, Artists and Bakers.

We completed our topic by reflecting on all our hard work and creating a Stone Age museum exhibition to show off our findings and creations.

Take a look at the Animoto which shows the journey through our topic.