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Africa land use activity

In Y2 Blyton we have been learning all about Africa and what it is like. In one lesson we learnt about the different land uses. Have a look at our amazing maps to show the different land use in Africa.

Summer 1

In Year 2 we have working really hard. Our topic this term is Minibeasts so we have been immersing ourselves in the land of creepy crawlies! We’ve been on a minibeast hunt, designed our own super minibeast and written stories about them. Great work Year 2!

KS1 SATS Information

Last night, we had an information evening about the KS1 SATs the the Y2 children will be sitting in May. Here are the slides from the evening. If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to pop in and see me or the Y2 team.

Mike Barnes


Spring 1

It’s been a very busy term so far in Y2. the children came back from their holidays refreshed and ready to learn! They have been totally engaged and inspired by our topic; The Great Fire of London and have been bringing in some amazing home projects. Thank you!

In English, we have been learning  lots of  new skills for writing non-chronological reports. The children have worked hard on their types of sentences (statement, question, exclamation and command), past tense/past progressive tense, punctuation and spellings. They are beginning to plan their reports and we look forward to seeing the final edits!

To support your children in their writing- encourage them to re-call facts about the Great Fire of London and say/write them in different ways.

There will be a focus on spelling this term and we encourage all children to practise their weekly spellings at home! It makes a huge difference in their writing!

In Maths, children have been recalling and using their multiplication and division facts. They have also been estimating and measuring length/weight and volume.

To support this at home- encourage the children to weigh food and measure items within the home.

We have been building our ICT skills; painting a scene from the Great Fire of London. The children have produced some fantastic pieces.

It’s been a wonderful start to the term! Well done Y2!



Autumn 1

The last few weeks the children have been busy answering their Big Question, “Is anybody out there?” We have made clay aliens, designing and evaluating our end products. We have learnt about the planets through song, fact finding and designing our own. They even created their own music to represent the planets using a range of percussion instruments.

In English, we’ve written some amazing three-part narratives about our clay aliens. The children used their new learning to include expanded noun phrases, conjunctions and really tried to remember their punctuation! Some of their fabulous pieces are displayed on the KS1 corridor.

In Maths, the children have been focusing on place value, using concrete materials and recognising the HTUs of a number. They are now moving onto using a number line to add, subtract and estimate.

It has been a fantastic start to the year and we are so proud of their hard work. They are showing brilliant independence and are rising to the high expectations of Year 2. Well done class!!

Conisbrough Castle

We had an amazing trip to Conisbrough Castle to kick off our new topic. We learnt all about the history of the castle, including who built it, then we had a turn at completing some Medieval jobs.

The sun shone for us whilst we were exploring – which was definitely appreciated!

Grab a cuppa and click our link to watch our super Animoto.

Great Fire of Totley!!

This week started off with a VERY exciting event at Totley Primary School!! The Y2s have been learning about The Great Fire of London. On Tuesday we had our very own Great Fire of Totley!!

We had a fantastic morning watching our fire, whilst remembering our fire safety rules! We have been using this as a hook for our diary writing this week.

Click here to watch our Animoto.

Mr. P. managed to capture some of our fire on film (Miss Goodbody’s technology let her down…). Click the link to watch his video skills!

Year 2 would also like to say a massive thank you to our fabulous firefighters (Steve and Jamie) for their help!!


Y2’s Fire Station visit!


I am sure that you are all just as excited about our new Great Fire of London topic as we are in school.

We kicked our topic off yesterday with a visit to the Fire Station. It made us think about how fire fighting has changed over the years. We had a great morning and learnt loads.

Click here for our Animoto!

We are also looking forward to our Great Fire of Totley – we have confirmed some fire fighters to help us out and I know some houses have already made their way into school. We are collecting the boxes from the office to create even more houses in class, so if you are struggling to find the materials you need – let us know and we can keep these for you!

Can’t wait for the rest of this topic – it is great to see how enthusiastic the Y2s are about it!

Y2’s Rocket launch!!

The Y2s had a great day with Mrs Holmes testing out some rocket designs to help send Beegu home. We started by deciding how we could improve Miss Goodbody’s then we built and tested them in small groups.

Click on our Animoto link to have a peek at some of our amazing designs!!


Y2’s Tyrannosaurus Bridge!!

In our Guided Reading sessions we have been looking at the story ‘Tyrannosaurus Drip’. Last week Miss Goodbody received a strange email… It was from the Tyrannosauruses asking if we would be able to build a bridge to help them get across the river so that they could gobble up the Duckbill Dinosaurs!

We decided that we would TRICK the tyrannosauruses by building them a bridge with a deadly trap!

Have a watch of our Animoto to see the fantastic bridges that the Y2s have worked so hard on designing and creating.