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Y1 – Magic

We have really enjoyed our magic topic this half term. Thank you for coming in and sharing all of our wonderful learning. Click here to watch our video showing all that we have done.


Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year and look forward to seeing you in 2018!


From all of the Year 1 team.

Y1s Magic Topic!

This week in Y1 we have started our new magical topic…

Y1 Murphys will be thinking about “What if you had a letter from Hogwarts?” and Y1 Potters have asked “Is magic real?”

We started off our topic with a visit from the fantastic Professor Shell! He dazzled us with his delightful display of magic – along with his furry friend Peter Rabbit! The children had a great time and were totally absorbed in his show. We will be learning some tricks throughout the topic and are hoping to share these with you at the end of the term.


Y1… New year, fresh start!

Y1 Potters and Murphys have had an amazing start to the school year!

Have a watch of our Animoto

Click here!


From Miss Goodbody and Mr Flevill

Y1’s Sunflowers

We have started our new topic this half term which is all about plants and how they grow. We are really excited about this topic as there are so many different things for us to do and investigate!

One of our learning questions was, ‘How do plants grow?’ so we decided as a class that we would plant some sunflowers and watch them grow and keep a diary.

We discussed with Mrs Taylor what it is that plants need to be healthy and grow and then we spent Wednesday afternoon being gardeners and planted our little seeds! We are very excited about watching to see how tall they grow!

We are keeping them in the classroom at the minute as it is nice and warm but as soon as they start to sprout we will be putting them in our quad where it is nice and sunny so hopefully they will grow huge!

Each week we are going to keep a diary and monitor their progress so feel free to pop in and take a look!

Here are some pictures of us planting our seeds!

IMG_0273      IMG_0275

IMG_0276      IMG_0282

IMG_0291      IMG_0298

IMG_0308      IMG_0324

IMG_0329      IMG_0279

IMG_0300      IMG_0333







Year 1 are scientists!

Today in Year 1 we spent the day as scientists! We put on our lab coats and goggles and investigated some materials!

As some of you may of heard, Miss Coupe’s favourite teddy, Fred, was stolen by the mysterious ‘Boris’ and when he was returned we discovered that he had spent the weekend on our playground!

Fred sent us a message and asked us if we could design him a raincoat to keep him dry as whilst he was on the playground he got very wet because it rained all weekend!

So… Our mission was clear. We needed to find a material that was waterproof.

First we discussed which materials we were going to test. We had six to choose from. We then discussed what a fair test is and what we were going to keep the same about our investigation. We decided that in order for it to be fair we needed to keep the water, the teddies and the cups the same.P1070001

We then got in to our groups and decided on the three materials that we would test. We talked about which materials we thought would be the most and least waterproof.





It was then time to test our materials. We had three cups, each with a bear in it. We had to carefully cover our cups with our chosen materials and secure it with a rubber band. We then worked together to take it in turns to use the pipette to drop the water on to the materials. We then had to be patient and wait to see if any of the materials let the water through!P1070012













Once we had finished our experiments we came back together as a class and we discussed our findings… we all agreed that the best materials to make Fred’s coat were foil and plastic!

We had a great day investigating the materials and it really got our brains thinking about the properties of materials!

We also did a super job of recording our investigations and findings in our learning journeys, so please feel free to come and have a look!

Shadow Puppet Workshop 2015

We had a special visitor in Year 1 today! Mrs Laurie from ‘Dark Star Puppets’ came along to school to teach us all about shadow puppets and help us create our own shadow puppet show!

We had a great day, first we learnt the story that we would have to retell using our shadow puppets. It was called ‘Mr Fox rules the stream’. The story was about a mean fox that abused his power and took control of a stream. The other animals in the forest worked together to teach him a lesson about being kind and that we should look after each other!



We then got to look at some of the puppets that Mrs Laurie had brought with her and we talked about how the shadows were made. We learnt that if light can’t pass through a material its called ‘opaque’ and if some light can pass through a material it’s called translucent.

We had lot’s of fun laughing at all of the funny shaped puppets!

P1060487 P1060489 P1060490

After playtime we then moved on to making our puppets to retell our story ‘Mr Fox rules the stream’. We could either make a fox, a rabbit, a shrimp, a fish, an elephant or a snake. We stuck the outlines on to cardboard to make sure that they were secure and then we cut them out. Once we had cut the eyes out or the ears we could use cellophane to put over the gaps so that when the light shone through we could see colour – they looked really effective!

P1060499 P1060498 P1060496 P1060497 P1060495 P1060494 P1060493 P1060492

After lunch we then had a bit of a practise of the story and we went outside to collect foliage to decorate the screen – so that it looked more like a forest!

P1060500 P1060501 P1060502 P1060503 P1060504

After our practice, FS2 became our audience and we got to retell our story and show off all of our hard work! You can watch our performance by scanning the QR below!


The dark nights are here!

As part of our new topic this half term, ‘Light and Dark’, we asked the question…

‘Why is it getting dark earlier?’

We talked about how the clocks were turned back a few weeks ago and this meant that it starts to get darker earlier in the evenings, something which many of us had noticed!

We then thought of lot’s of other ways that we can tell that it is starting to become winter and went on a walk to find clues!

We went out on to the field and looked for lot’s of clues that it is turning in to winter, like the leaves falling off of the trees, conkers, pine cones and it was VERY cold and windy!







What do I want to be when I grow up?

As part of our topic during this Autumn Half Term, our final task was think about what it is we want to do when we grow up! We talked about how we might get these types of jobs, whether we would need to go to university or not and why we wanted to do them.

We had lot’s of different ideas and there were some lovely reasons behind the jobs that we want to do when we get older!

We had lot’s of footballers (!), a designer, a palaeontologist, some doctors, an artist and many more!

Take a look at our pictures and see if you can guess what we want to be!






























On a dark, dark hill…

Over the past few weeks we have been looking at the Funny Bones stories in Y1 and we have had lot’s of fun looking at the language used and making up our own stories!

The stories link really well to our topic at the moment which is ‘Ourselves’ and we have had a great time learning about our bodies and especially our skeletons!

We first looked at the structure of the Funny Bones stories and soon realised that all of them start the same:

On a dark, dark hill,

there was a dark, dark town.

In the dark, dark town,

there was a dark, dark street.

On the dark, dark street,

there was a tall, tall house.

And in the tall, tall house there lived three skeletons!


So we had a go at making up our own and thinking of some different adjectives that we could use instead of ‘dark’ and ‘tall’.

We came up with:

scary   winding   creepy   huge    tiny    gloomy   

We then came up with some actions to help us remember our stories. We had great fun doing this and were really creative with our ideas! We also worked really well in our groups!

P1060052 P1060058 P1060059 P1060060 P1060070 P1060087 P1060104 P1060117 P1060126

Make sure to come and have a look at our Funny Bones display on the corridor outside of our classroom!

Y1 Animals Topic

Last week was the end of our Animals topic in Year One. I know that we have all really enjoyed this topic! Here is a small taster of what we have been working on throughout the last half term…..