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Stanage Charity Dance-a-thon!

For Stanage’s charity (Bluebell Wood Hospice), the House Captains decided to do a sponsored Dance-a-thon as a whole school! Following Mr Cooper’s moves, the whole school took part in an hour-long dance for charity. It looked incredible dancing to artist including the Spice Girls, Elvis Presley and S Club 7!

Thank you to everyone who has already brought in sponsor money for the dance-a-thon. If you haven’t yet brought it in, feel free to bring it to the front office by next Monday, so we can announce a grand total next week!

PS don’t forget to guess the teachers in the ‘Totley Toddlers’ competition…

VE Day celebrations in Y6

As the culmination of their learning about World War Two, Year 6 prepared and enjoyed a VE Day celebration.

News broke with an announcement from the BBC, which cut to the celebrations on the streets of Sheffield. There was dancing, singing and eating to enjoy. Winston Churchill made an appearance from the balcony of the Ministry for Health and gave a rousing speech to the assembled crowds.

Thank you to everyone who took part. The children dressed to impress and performed fantastically.

Check out this video of the dance too!

Y5 Mindfulness Day

After the events of Friday evening, Year 5 had a day to rest their minds, and reassure each other that we are ready to go again. We started the day with ‘3 Hellos’, followed by creating ‘Worry Wheels’, mindful colouring, a toilet roll competition, and a film. Obviously, none of this was possible without biscuits and popcorn…



Y5 London Trip!

Here are a selection of photos from an amazing trip to London. Everything from riding the Tube, to going up the Shard and a tour around the Houses of Parliament (we couldn’t take any photos inside there though, sorry!).

Families and Loving Relationships

Today, we took a step back from the science being life, children and how we grow physically, and we focused on what it means to be loved. We discussed all the different varieties of family that there can be, and shared the difference structures of family within the class. We also explored the messages within this very powerful, beautiful video. Here are some comments from the children:

‘A relationship is a relationship; it doesn’t matter as long as you’re loved’

‘No relationship is different. They all show that you care, and love someone.’

‘ At least they are showing each other love, and not hate. I’d rather live in a world of love.’

The Human Life Cycle

We have had an incredible start to our science question ‘How do humans grow and develop?’, and have learnt so much in just a few days!

Today, we have explored how a baby develops inside the womb, and the amazing things they can do before they are born. Below are a few photos of us creating a fetus from plasticine to show different development stages. Some of them may not look quite like a fetus, but it really helped us to see which parts develop first and how we grow inside the womb.

Easter Egg Hunt 2019

Sunday 14th April saw a welcome return of the Easter Egg Hunt. After a year off due to the building works, it was great to host the Spring Time event and see the children hunting round the grounds for their sticks.

With over 1000 red, orange, yellow, blue & green hidden sticks to find, plus the special Gold and two Silver ones, the hunt was on.

Mr P explained the rules from the roof top and once the gates were opened there was no stopping them.  Even the unexpected hail storm didn’t dampen their cause, although it may have driven a few adults indoors in search of a hot drink and a bacon sandwich!

Each coloured stick was then exchanged for an Easter prize and with everyone (eventually) receiving an Easter Egg, a chocolate treat, a bag of sweets, a rice crispy cake and a chocolate lolly, the event drew to a close.

Thank you to all those who helped out on the day, braving the chilly wind, and well done to all those taking part.

Happy Easter from the PTA.

Sea Turtle Documentaries

To finish our Science question ‘What events take place in a Sea Turtle’s life cycle?’ we explored explanation texts in English, and created our own documentary in the style of Sir David Attenborough.

After watching clips of Blue Planet and reading explanation texts of different creatures, we looked at the features required to make it engaging and interesting for the audience. To watch our documentaries use a free QR scanner app, and it will play! (I’ve tried it, and it does work!)


Virtual Velodrome and Mile a Day!

We’ve had a very busy afternoon back after the Easter break.

Due to our hard work with the BikeIt crew, we had a ‘Virtual Velodrome’ experience to see who could do the fastest lap! It made us realise how incredible the athletes are who compete in these competitions. The top times were all 23 seconds around the 200m track. Mr Paxman and Mr Cooper also had a go!

After this, we also completed our first mile run of the term. As a lot of you might already know, Totley Primary are taking part in ‘Around the World in 80 Days’ to raise money for playground and sports equipment. If each child (and staff member) runs a mile for the whole summer term, we would have ran around the world as a school!

Government support leaflets

Just before the Easter holiday, we hosted a ‘Q&A’ session during afternoon break to try and help other people understand how our Government works.

We created leaflets about local MPs and constituencies, how a General Election works, and a who’s who of people you may see on the news.