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Tree Planting!

Year 5 children helped plant trees around the school site today. They helped to dig, fill, bash and drill.

Tree Planting

Yesterday, members of Year 3 Kipling helped to plant trees around the school site.

Children dug holes, tickled out the roots (technical term), used a post basher to dig in support poles and fed their tree with nutrient-rich compost.

Check out the pictures below! Despite the poor weather, everyone got their hands dirty to help improve our school environment.

Year 3 and Year 6 French Remembrance

In Year 3, we read a poem in French and listened for words we could understand and translate.

In Year 6, children we wrote some sentences imagining we were soldiers in World War 1. We created cornflowers (one of the flowers of Remembrance in France). 


Swing low, sweet chariot

This half term Y6 have been learning the rules and techniques of tag rugby. We have perfected the art of carrying the ball, how to twist and weave away from dangerous defenders, how to move effectively as a team and how to outwit our opponents. We are expecting to receive a call from England head coach, Eddie Jones at anytime 🙂


Year 6 Super Survival

Today, Year 6 were taken blindfolded into the Peak District. Using the skills they learnt throughout our Island Survival topic, they had to make their way safely back to school using navigation and map reading skills. Along the way, there were a series of challenges: shelter building, the universal edibility test, signalling and helicopter landing site, cleaning water, camouflage, identifying where on the map they were and first aid.

All children returned safely back to school without any injuries! Children navigated and walked at least 5.5 miles across open countryside. They used their 6-figure grid reference skills and compasses bearings to plot out a route. They took turns to lead the group and used known landmarks to navigate.

“When we were doing one of the survival challenges, we were checking it was safe Mrs Rodgers had suddenly ‘fallen ill’ and we had to do first aid. Someone said  there were only a few nettles. Mrs Rodgers burst out laughing!” Erin.

“It was such a good week because it was my first time going to the Peak District and it looks amazing!” Rehan.

“Oli became our tour guide on the way back to school.” Isobel.

“When we needed to camouflage ourselves, we smeared mud on our faces.” Elodie.

“I now know how to make sure food in safe.” Connie. “Contact, put it on your tongue for 15 minutes, then chew it for fifteen minutes and finally swallow.” Veanna. “You wait 8 hours before you see if there is any sign of illness.” Erin.



Wake & Shake: Elton John

This week, we focused on one of the UK’s most celebrated and award winning artists, Elton John, and realised that he sound has changed from a rocky, upbeat sound to slower, heartfelt songs. All of them include the iconic piano sound!

Artist: Elton John

Songs: I’m Still Standing, Saturday Night’s Alright, Candle in the Wind (reading lesson), Crocodile Rock, Tiny Dancer, Your Song, I Guess That’s Why They Call It the Blues, Rocket Man, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart


Check out the photo montage from our trip to Thornbridge!


Africa land use activity

In Y2 Blyton we have been learning all about Africa and what it is like. In one lesson we learnt about the different land uses. Have a look at our amazing maps to show the different land use in Africa.

Exploring Space

Last week, we used a Playstation 4 game called ‘No Man’s Sky’ to help us experience what it would be like to fly through Space, explore undiscovered planets, and even fly at light speed! Thinking about all our senses, we described flying through an asteroid belt as well as our emotions for the build up to pressing the light speed button…

Along with this, we also explored the surface of Mars to realise that there are vast canyons across the planet. Year 5 looked at the missions that the Mars Rovers have done and how they drill and collect soil samples. To take our own samples, we erupted an ancient volcano multiple times, then decided where we should drill. Check out our soil sample!

Can you work out how many times this volcano erupted?

Year 5 Wake & Shake

Each week, Year 5 start their day by listening to a song by a certain artist and having a dance! The artist will change every week to help explore a range of music and eras. We have also started looking at the lyrics of a song during reading lessons to support our inference skills.

Here are the first few weeks of artists and songs we have listened to:

Elvis Presley – Blue Suade Shoes, Heartbreak Hotel, Jailhouse Rock, Viva Las Vegas, All Shook Up

Jackson 5 – ABC, I Want You Back, I’ll Be There, Who’s Lovin’ You

Blondie – Heart of Glass, Call Me, One Way or Another, Maria

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