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Ahlberg’s fun day out at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park

What an incredible school trip we had last Friday to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Not only did we have super weather, but the children were super, and the parent helpers too!
Stephanie, who gave the children a special sculpture session, captivated the children from the beginning. They thought carefully about their questions and comments and had some wonderful ideas about the art that we looked at. We sang songs, explored abstract sculptures and sculptures with hidden treasures. We even had a go at making some of our own sculptures which has carried on back at school.

Next week we will be learning all about Picasso and his realist and abstract work so please feel free to explore this at home too.

Here are a few photos of our fantastic day out:

Year 4 Cadbury World

Year 4 enjoyed a delicious day at Cadbury’s World last week.


Check out the clip below about our day.


It was great to year comments from the public and Cadbury staff alike about how polite all the children were.


“We went on an amazing, yummy trip to Cadbury’s World on Friday. Firstly, we visited an Aztec pathway and found out that in the Aztec times, 1 pumpkin would cost 2 cocoa beans, 1 rabbit would cost 10 cocoa beans and 1 slave would cost 100 cocoa beans. I loved it when we got a pot of milk chocolate (it was melted) and we chose up to 2 fillings to mix in. I chose popping candy and Crunchie to put in my pot. It was delicious!” Alice.

Egyptian Shadufs

With the weather so amazing recently, Y5 took a stroll into the woods this morning to create our very own Egyptian shadufs.

Shadufs were a way of collecting water from the Nile up the banks to the farmland, and they had a variety of structures.  We went down to the local stream, and created our own shadufs by the bank using only natural resources (and some string from the classroom!). In teams, a structure was made, and counter balances were also added by using appropriate sized rocks. Check out the incredible finished shadufs!

For all the photos and shadufs, visit our class blog

Our afternoon of chocolate fun!

Delicious, delightful, diverse- this afternoon, Year 4 gobbled 8 samples of different chocolate. You’d think that would be easy, but they were blindfolded! Because each person couldn’t see which chocolate they had, they came at it open-minded. Some chocolate was disappointing, although some were deliciously, mouthwateringly heavenly!

We cast votes to share our favourites and used the data to create bar charts.


This website update was brought to you by Year 4 children 🙂

Science ambassadors’ day out!

We went to SHU as part of our science ambassador role.

We talked to other schools about what we have been doing in science this year. We showed them our swimming raisins experiment.

In the afternoon we extracted DNA from a strawberry in the STEM lab.

We had an amazing day.

Click here to watch our animoto.

A view from inside the build!

Our Y5 and Y6 school councilors were very excited today as they had the opportunity to look around the building site for the first time. The builders are up to first floor level now, with the timber frame flying up and about to be clothed in bricks. It was amazing to get a feel for the layout of how the new parts of school will be, and walking through what will become classrooms, toilets and corridors was a fascinating experience. The children had lots of questions about the equipment the builders were using (especially powertools!) and the different materials used in the construction process. Thanks to Ian, Jordan and Ken from Engie for taking us around.

Summer 1

In Year 2 we have working really hard. Our topic this term is Minibeasts so we have been immersing ourselves in the land of creepy crawlies! We’ve been on a minibeast hunt, designed our own super minibeast and written stories about them. Great work Year 2!

Year 1 Islands topic

In Year 1 Potter and Murphy we have been learning about islands.

In our Islands topic, we have been looking at the weather. We have made our own weather forecast, a weather diary and have drawn pictures to show the changing seasons. We also went for a walk around Totley and found all the things that we do and don’t like. We used these ideas to write a letter to Councillor Ross telling him what we thought. We have also been looking at e-safety and how to keep ourselves safe online. In this, we made our own class acceptable use policies which you can see on our Year 1 blog. We have discussed how feelings online are the same as offline and the different ways we can connect with people.

In English, we have looked at the story ‘Grandad’s Island’. We each created a scrap book  of Syd’s adventure and have written a prediction about what Grandad wrote in his letter to Syd. In Maths, we have been learning all about telling time to o’clock, half past and quarter to/past.




In Year 3 we have been looking at the different parts of plants and what special job each part has. Then we looked more closely at the flower. We worked in partners to carefully dissect a flower. We worked out the names of all the different parts and what important job each part of the flower does. We also talked about why bees are so important! It was a good job we had an expert in the class who could help us out with all our questions…thanks Sam T!

We have now started an experiment to find out what plants need to in order to grow well. When we find out, we will be having a competition to see who can grow the tallest sunflower!

UK history

For the past few weeks, Year 5 have been exploring ‘Why are we a United Kingdom?’ for their topic question.

Before we explore the attractions of our capital city, we have taken a journey through our country’s history to find out how we became a ‘United Kingdom’.

Starting with the Battle of Hastings, we acted out the events that lead to the victory of William I. After this, we discovered historical documents such as the the Bayeux Tapestry, the Domesday book and the Magna Carta. We took a closer look at our past monarchs, the crusades and even found out about the civil war and Oliver Cromwell!

Photos, writing and artwork can all be found on our own class blog, just follow the link