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Year 4 become surgeons

Today, Year 4 had the brilliant experience of dissection.

Melissa, who runs our STEM Club each week, taught children how to identify the organs and their uses.

We explored the ins and outs (quite literally) of lungs, hearts and livers.

Check out the video montage of our lesson. Be warned, it’s not for the squeamish!

Y1 Science week and Totley Book Day

This half term in year 1 we have been extremely busy and learned some amazing things. We thoroughly enjoyed our plants topic and even managed to fit in some extra work during Science Week.

We had a visit from some students from The University of Sheffield, they taught us all about microbes! We made our own viruses and bacteria out of Plasticine and pipe cleaners. We also had a microbe treasure hunt using our very own magnifying glasses.

Thank you ever so much for the fantastic Totley Book Day costumes – everyone look brilliant and had lots of fun on our Alice in Wonderland themed day across both Y1 classes.

Click here to see what we have been up to!

It was lovely to see you all at parents evening and share the wonderful work we have done. Have an amazing Easter and we will see you back for the summer term!

World Book day and spelling fun in Y6

On Thursday, we had our own Totley Book Day. As well as dressing up, we enjoyed playing a range of spelling games. Here are some pictures of our fun.

Science Week

Last week, Y5 had an amazing visit from a scientist who came along with a working 3D printer!

It was fantastic to see it in action and the children even had a chance to draw their own 3D shapes using 3D printing pens.

As well as this, we had a visit from a group of Sheffield Hallam University students. They split us into two groups and did lots of exciting activities around global warming and volcanoes. The children loved it so much, they all left comments for the students on the blog.

For details and photos, visit our individual class blog  

Checking the weather

This afternoon, we used the techniques we learnt on Friday to monitor the weather.

I didn’t think we’d really need to be measuring the depth of the snow at this time of year…

Dylan made an octograph to measure cloud cover.

We made cloud charts to identify the types of cloud overhead.

An anemometer is used to measure wind speed.

It was about 7-8 knots this afternoon.

We had cloud cover of around 3/8.

Chinese New Year in FS2 -Year of the Dog

In FS2 we celebrated the Chinese New Year in style! We had lots of wonderful visitors, including a visit from the Sheffield Chinese School and from some of our fantastically creative Chinese parents. Watch our Animoto by following the link below, to discover what we got up to.

Work gets off to a flying start

In spite of some very cold and wet conditions, the early part of the building work has gone smoothly. During the weekend following the go-ahead from the planning department, safety hoardings were erected around the top and bottom of the school field, to allow for heavy machinery to commence work on preparing the ground for the new MUGA and staff car park respectively.

Meanwhile, at the back of school, the junior playground – while still usable – has been reduced in size and fenced off. This has facilitated the creation of a service road in from an entrance in the Baslow Road boundary wall and allowed digging equipment to start excavating the ground which will eventually lead onto the preparation of the foundations for the new classroom block adjacent to the hall. Excess earth is being transported from the back of the school to the front, so as to build up the ground at the downhill end of the MUGA so that it lies as flat as possible.

The builders are currently on schedule and have been brilliant in trying to keep noise levels to a minimum during the school day. They have also created a viewing point in the hoarding at the front of the school so that we can keep an eye on what is going on and continue to admire the diggers, of course!

We do thank the whole of our school community and, in particular, local residents for being patient and putting up with a degree of disruption both around the school site and on the roads around the school.

Y1’s Toy Trip

We have had a very exciting week this week. We reflected on what we had learnt so far about toys with a visit to Weston Park Museum.

We had a great day and have made some fantastic toys – they will be coming home soon.

Click below to watch our Animotos.

Y1 Potter

Y1 Murphy



Weston Park Trip Y3

Year 6 Choose Kind Campaign

After many lessons about Choose Kind and the book Wonder, Year 6 today went to Fargate in Town. We gave out information leaflets that we had written and asked people to pledge to Choose Kind by signing a contract. Some people told us about their experiences with bullying in the past or present. Here are some pictures.

Gabe and Felix