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Election News!

Today, Year 5 have reflected on the successes and disappointments of the election.

Daniel McGrail felt inspired to write about his victory in being elected as President of Outer Space! Here is his victory speech…



Finflaff Kutchin’s victory speech


I, Finflaff Kutchins, has just been elected as president of outer space.

In King Bloballoy, I follow the footsteps of a true and loyal leader. Under Blobbaloy’s leadership, the galaxy has become a better place to live. From him, I have learned the true meaning of existence & leadership.

As President, I will give all Martians equal rights as each other, end space wars and accept outsiders into our galaxy.

I remember a time when I lived on Earth, I absolutely HATED outsiders. I hated them so much, we started war. After a while, they resigned, so the Earthlings won. From that day and beyond, I never wanted to fight again.

Today, from Humans to Martians, we will all live in peace and friendship.

You may have not voted for me, but I promise to make your voice matter in this galaxy.

Thankyou King Blobballoy for inspiring me to become a leader, Thankyou Earthlings, for supporting me and my decisions, Thank you all those people who voted for me. And you, outsiders, I apologise for my grief in the past.


-Let’s make the Milky Way great again.

The Ancient Greeks

So we have come to the end of our wonderful topic all about the Ancient Greeks. We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have, especially eating all of the wonderful Greek food! So it’s time to take off your togas, sit back and enjoy watching another of our fantastic learning journeys. Just click the link – Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greeks!

Y6 VE day

Y6 celebrated the end of their WW2 based topic with a VE day. We enjoyed games, cake and dancing. The children came dressed up and looked amazing with lovely dressed, flat caps and victory rolls. Y6 had been working hard on a song and a dance which they performed for parents. Please click to see the videos of their performances.

IMG_0165 from Totley Primary on Vimeo.

IMG_0162 from Totley Primary on Vimeo.

A sporty day!

It was  a very sporty day yesterday for many children from KS2 as we had Primary Athletics and the Swimming Gala! We took 29 children from Y5 and 6 to compete against 14 other schools at Woodbourn road. There were a range of activities including long jump, 800m run, 600m walk, 60m sprint and ball throwing. Some children did so well in their activity that they have been selected to compete in the final, so watch this space for an update after June 22nd! All of them, however, made us very proud with their fantastic attitude and commitment to supporting each other.

Some of those children also came along to the swimming gala! Children from Y3-6 raced well in teams to represent Totley. They gave it their all and for many of them it was the first time they had competed in a swimming race! They showed great determination and teamwork.

Well done Ks2!

Y6 Enterprise

Y6 enterprise week ended with a fantastic day of fun in the y6 classroom. The other classes came to spend their pennies on various stalls including a tombola, penalty shooting, hair braiding, guess the name of the teddy and many more! During the week, the children planned their stalls, spoke to companies to request donations, went shopping and made posters!

It was a fantastic day and the children managed to raise £397 to be split between school and Cancer Research. Well done Y6!

Here are some photos from our day…


Year 5 sneak in to Totley library.

We all had a good time at Totley Library. We chose from their huge selection of engaging books and spent time reading them. We are all taking home a form to become members of the library, unless we are already a member! Would you like to join?

FS2N Outdoor Classroom Day

FS2 had a great day exploring learning outside as part of the National Outdoor Classroom Day. Have a look at our video to see what FS2N got up too.

Click here to see what we got up to

Year 5 and Year 1 get busy reading!

Year 5 have been set a series of reading challenges this term.

Yesterday, we took time to read to year 1 children.

Year 5 topic update!

This week, we have started to consider what preparations to take ready to bury our pharaoh. Children delved deep under the ground to discover the contents to King Tut’s tomb and find out what any pharaoh would need in the afterlife.

To start with, we’ve Shabti- models of servants that would serve the rich and powerful in the afterlife.

Take a look at the fantastic efforts!


Burbage’s Bake It Better Day

On Thursday the 27th of April, Burbage held a bun sale for their chosen charity – the Sheffield Children’s Hospital. After an amazing day filled with buns, smiles and laughter, we raised an amazing £405! Thank you for your incredible generosity. It was a day to remember, and will help fund enhancements in the hospital, as part of the ‘Make it Better’ appeal, and support more children and their families when they most need it.

Here is an animoto of our brilliant day.

Ashleigh and Trickett

(Burbage House Captains)